X/1999 Characters

X/1999 is an manga series in the X franchise
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Akira Ijyuuin

Arashi Kishu


The hoshimi at Kongobu Shrine that taught Sorata Arisugawa Buddhism arts.

Daisuke Saiki

One of the Characters from X.

Fuuma Monou

A childhood friend of Kamui and his twin star. When Kamui chooses to join the Dragons of Heaven, Fuma is forced to become a Dragon of Earth, immediately attacking Kamui and killing his sister Kotori.


One of Princess Hinotos servants.


Hinoto accepted very early to become a Yumemi in order to help her country. She lost four of her five senses to receive in return the gift to see future in dreams. She kept only her sight. Her sister Kanoe was upset to see her sacrifice and decided to leave her. Hinoto became quickly the yumemi of Japanese politicians and was installed underneath the Diet Building.


Kakyo Kuzuki

Kamui Shirou


Princess Hinoto's younger sister, who supports the Dragons of Earth mainly to spite her. She can enter and leave dreams like her sister and Kakyō, but cannot see the future unaided.

Karen Kasumi

A Dragon of Heaven who is a call girl for the soapland brothel "Flower". Karen has the ability to manipulate fire and has had the ability since she was young.

Kotori Monou

Sister to Fuma Monou and childhood friend of Kamui Shirou. Visions of her death spur the actions of Kamui and Fuma in X/1999.

Kusanagi Shiyu

Kyogo Monou

The fahter of Fuuma and Kotori Monou.


Nokoru Imonoyama

Satsuki Yatoji

One of the Dragons of Earth. Satsuki has the uncanny ability to interact with any computer by inserting cables into her skin, and be able to hack into any technological system.

Saya Monou

The mother of Fuuma and Kotori Monou. She died by giving birth to the first Shiken.

Seichiro Sakurazuka

A member of the Dragons of Earth. Seichiro was friends with Subaru and Hokuto Sumeragi when he was veterinary. He is responsible for killing Hokuto.

Seiichiro Aoki


One of Princess Hinoto servants.

Sorata Arisugawa

Subaru Sumeragi

Suoh Takamura

Tokiko Magami

The sister of Toru Shiro and Kamuis aunt. She carries within her the second Shinken.

Toru Shiro

The mother of Kamui Shiro. She killed herself to act as a sacrifice to prevent the premature destruction of the planet.

Yuuto Kigai

A member of the Dragons of Earth. He has the ability to control water.

Yuzuriha Nekoi

One of the Dragons of Heaven. She is a descended from the keepers of Mitsumine Jinja. Her Inugami is named is Inuki who has been with her since she was young. When she arrived in Tokyo she met and fell in love with Dragon of Earth member Shiyu Kusanagi.

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