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Topic started by MattBodega on June 21, 2010. Last post by Xymox 4 years, 7 months ago.
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"On DVD Now".. and has been for.. I dunno.. almost a decade now? I suppose there's been a bit of time since Geneon went kaput, but a quick skim of Amazon shows you can get the entire original series for under $20 before S&H. Happy it's being re-released, but it's not like it's ever really gone away.
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Looks decent, but FUNimation really needs to hire a new writer for their trailers. That had some of the most cliche lines ever used in trailers. It's that line "-and the world will never be the same.". It's a given with any story. Shouldn't that happen in every story. What would be the point of having nothing ever change or happen?
It looks like an interesting enough series.
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I watched the ending of the movie and was surprised, so def pick this up... << once I get my blue tongue. HOPEFULLY
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@Catolf:  The TV show's definitely better than the movie. The characters on both sides are more fleshed-out and it takes its time with building up plot. There's only so much you can take from a long-running manga that you can cram into a two hour movie.
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@Dream:  good point, I'll def have to look into this cause what I saw I liked.
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I just did pick this up the other day only watched the first two episodes so far but looks really good
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I loved this series! 
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I bought the whole series during one of RightStuf's big Geneon fire sale thing just so I could get the free shipping. Did not enjoy it at all. I still have the entire series on DVD, though. I should probably try and offload it on eBay or something.
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DNAngel comes to mind. Yeah... I dunno about the character design here.
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