X-Men Characters

X-Men is an anime series in the X-Men franchise
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Hisako Ichiki, aka Armor, is an X-Men that appears in the 2011 anime version of the popular comic.


Henry Philip McCoy from the Marvel Mangaverse reality.

Charles Xavier

Evil counterpart from the Marvel Mangaverse reality.


a mutant known as Piotr Rasputin who is one of the X-Men in Pryde of the X-Men


The current leader of the X-Men, who has the ability to absorb solar energies and then redirect them as powerful concussive blasts through his eyes.


Deadpool has a brief cameo in the X-Men anime series, episode 12: Destiny.

Emma Frost

Emma Frost is the former White Queen of the villainous Hellfire Club, but now a member of the X-Men with her lover Scott Summers. She's a mutant with telepathic powers and the ability to change her entire body into diamond.

Jean Grey

Counterpart from the Marvel Mangaverse reality.She has a very kind heart and has a very powerful entity inside her, the Phoenix Force.


Kurt Wagner from the Marvel Mangaverse reality.


Rogue is a member of the X-Men. She has the abilities to absorb powers & memories from people with a touch.


Ororo Iqadi Munroe from the Marvel Mangaverse reality. She has the ability to manipulate the weather and has superior hand-to-hand skills as well as leadership qualities.


Wolverine is a mutant and a member of the X-Men.

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