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The Main and essential weapon of all Gantz players and hunters.


The X-Gun looks much like a enhanced handgun with added functions. But reality the X-gun is far more powerful and destructive than a normal handgun. The size is the only similarity that the X-gun has to a handgun this will be further discussed in How it Works. But the X-Gun gets its name from the four protrusions that surround the "Barrel" of the gun.  It is small and can be used by anyone even children since its lightweight and maneuverability. Even though the X-Gun is small the power it packs equals any normal weapon short of explosive ones and even then it could be more powerful.

Many times the X-gun is the only weapon that which a player has a holster to store it in on their suit.

How It Works

The X-Gun is an odd gun, like most guns within the Gantz game it is fired by pressing the bottom trigger. The gun has a monitor on the back of the gun that shows targets once locked on. The top trigger locks onto the target or targets that is displayed on the monitor on the back of the gun. The bottom trigger when pressed fires the "ammo" at the target. The gun fires compressed air as ammo and this compressed air is extremely destructive.  When running and firing at the same time both triggers must be pulled to fire while running. The gun also features a X-Ray display showing the insides of the targets like an X-ray would. This is extreamely helpful when trying to find out if the target is of a robotic nature or organic. The gun will if locked onto a target will hit the target even if the gun has been turned away from the target, making continuous fire very helpful.


The X-Gun is a highly destructive weapon. When fired at a target it doesnt fire an actual bullet but more of a small amount of compressed air, when the compressed air hits the target the target explodes. And depending on where the compressed air hits the explosion kills the target immediatly or not. With this feature aiming at the head or vital places is not needed, because if you aim a the chest or mid-section of the body it will rip the target in two thus ending its life.


The X-Guns biggest weakness is the lag between firing the weapon and the explosion. The target could still be hit by the compressed air but the lag that happens between hit an explosion is quite long. Making it that if the target is moving and preparing to strike it will be able to finish its attack before the guns ammo has a chance to explode. This has been shown many a times especially during the Temple Mission. Where many team members died from this very weakness, still able to do damage but not being able to survive the lag.

Also the rate at which the compressed hits the target is also slightly slower than the user would want. Meaning even if one was to lock onto a target the target would still be able to dodge and or use something to block the compressed air from hitting it. And in this time of dodging or blocking the user will most likly be killed.
General Information Edit
Thing Name X-Gun
Japanese Name:
Romaji Name:
1st manga book: Gantz #1
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie: Gantz
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