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X-Antibody is a anime/manga thing
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A rookie level Digimon in the form of a small dinosaur. He is Tai Yagami's Digimon Partner. Evolves from Koromon and into Greymon.


The true leader of the Royal Knights who is the true final evolution for Dorumon.


A black virus type version of WarGreymon created by Arukenimon by fusing together 100 Dark Towers (Control Spires). Even though he contains the virus, he only fights for his personal protection and justice.


A ultimate level Digimon based on the mythological creature Cerberus.


The result of taking away the data of Dorumon. It is not officially a Digimon, as it lacks a Digi-Core.


A Beast Dragon Digimon, and one of the Mega forms of Dorumon. This Digimon bears the title of 'The Final Enemy' and bears an interface on it's brow, a symbol of it's age and it's heritage.


A new breed of dragon Digimon with the X-Antibody in its body.


One of the members of the Royal Knights and the Ultimate Evolution (Mega Level) form of Guilmon.


A member of the Royal Knights who is a very strong warrior due to his immense strength giving him the title of a Juggernaut.


Matt Ishida's Digimon Partner


One of the Greymon subspecies who is a carrier of the X Antibody.


Gatomon is a Adult (Champion) Cat Digimon and the partner of Hikari Yagami. She used to work for Myotismon until she discovered she was Hikari's partner. She is able to turn into Angewomon.


A Warrior Digimon and a carrier of the X Antibody. In Xros Wars he is the General of Sword Zone for the Bagura Empire. After being defeated by Taiki, he is purified when the Code Crown's merge and the Zone is reformatted.


Takato Matsuda's partner that he created when his card scanner turned into a D-Arc.


One of the Royal Knights and the Golder Armor form of V-Mon.


A Undead Digimon and a carrier of the X Antibody. It is a bloodsucking martial artist Digimon that performs a magnificent dance.


A Perfect Level (Ultimate Level) form of Sedramon capable of using electricity.


A version of Fantomon after obtaining the X Antibody.


A member of the Royal Knights who serves as the temporary leader in Alphamons place. Omnimon (Omegamon) is the Combined form of Wargreymon and Metagarurumon.


Mimi Tachikawa's Digimon Partner


Scorpiomon is a Perfect Level (Ultimate Level) Digimon, based off the anomalocrais.


A sea serpent Digimon.

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