WW1, Chibitalia part 2, WW1 part 2

WW1, Chibitalia part 2, WW1 part 2 is an anime episode of Hetalia: Axis Powers that was released on 01/30/2009
Germany is still in the woods of WW1 and questions what a box of tomatoes is doing here. After he pokes it with a stick, the box reacts and a voice is heard from inside it. The voice then frantically explains that it is a tomato box fairy that came to play with Germany and become friends with him. Obviously suspicious, Germany tries to lift the box up thinking that someone is inside. The voice protests in terror, but Germany is able to open the crate.
It was Northern Italy inside the box! He apologizes excessively for lying about being a tomato box fairy and begs for his life. He continually yells that he would "do anything, so please don't shoot!" He follows that by saying that he's a virgin, so he wouldn't be any fun to shoot. He reveals his name and recognizes Germany as a scary, tough country. Germany is lost in his thoughts as he wonders if this person is the descendant of Rome he was supposed to fight.
He picks Italy up by his jacket as the country keeps whining and begging and asks if he is the descendant of Rome. Italy then brightens up and smiles; asking if Germany knew his grandfather, Rome. Italy then decides that even though Germany was scary at first, they could probably get along. Germany wasn't paying attention and comes to the conclusion that Italy is acting helpless on purpose to get him to drop his guard. Determined not to fall for the trap, he hits Italy with his gun, declaring that he won't fall for the trick and says, "Go to hell, you damn pasta-loving bastard!"
"Chibitalia" starts with France ordering the Holy Roman Empire to stop chasing Italy. Holy Rome ignores him and continues with his actions effectively angering France. They engage in a sword fight while Spain offers Chibitalia some churros. The story then explains that Italy was an attractive country that had many things worth looking for in a country, but it was WEAK. Stronger nations easily invaded Italy and took pieces from it.
The episode then continues with Germany stating that he had captured Italy, but the country shows no signs of escaping. He asks the country why he does not do so, and Italy responds that he has no reason to escape. He is fed, and he doesn't have to fight anyone. Unfamiliar with this, Germany tells Italy that he is a soldier and should try very hard to escape. Italy ignores him and falls asleep.

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