WTF Wednesday: Terminator to Join Doraemon Cast

Topic started by gia on June 10, 2009. Last post by JJOR64 5 years, 7 months ago.
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Gigazine reports on a new “Doraemon and Hollywood collaboration,” which apparently means that the Terminator is going to have a cameo in the next Doraemon episode, to promote the Japanese release of Terminator Salvation. Because obviously, the children who watch Doraemon are the target audience of the Terminator franchise.

When I was 8, my brother made me watch Terminator 2, and I had nightmares for weeks about waking up, walking into my kitchen, and finding my mother with her arm transformed into a blade, with which she would be slaughtering my dad. It's nice to know that small Japanese children may be able to share my childhood dreams.

...Seriously though. WTF? Whose idea was this? And who heard the idea and thought “man, we should totally make that happen”? Maybe it's a really brilliant move, a play for the longer game: make sure that the Terminator is cool when the kids are young, so they'll go see sneak in to see an R-equivalent-rated Terminator 13 when they're older. Or maybe it's just targeted at Doraemon-watchers' parents. Either way, I hope to god someone puts a clip on YouTube.

What a great opportunity for me to share my newest addition to the database: the WTF, Japan? page, where you can post all of your Engrish, wacky products, and anything else that comes to mind. We'll also be tagging WTF Wednesdays here, generally speaking.
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I hope eventually as part of the deal Doraemon joins the cast of the next Terminator movie.
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Dude, that's freaking awesome.  They should just add The Terminator to all anime shows to promote it.
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