I'm Sorry Dave, We're Out of California Rolls

Topic started by gia on June 10, 2009. Last post by John_Martone 5 years, 9 months ago.
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Via TOKYOMANGO, the Mainichi reports on a series of new robots shown off at the FOOMA JAPAN 2009 food exhibition-- but not your usual giant fighting robots or schoolteacher robots. No, these are cooking robots. (Eat your heart out, Cookin' Mama.)

The robot their video report primarily focuses on appears to be designed to make okonomiyaki (often called a “Japanese pizza,” it's a sort of pancake with various sauces or toppings added to it), but there are other robots as well, including a sushi-making robot, photographed above...which is way creepier because it's designed to have an actual human-like hand. At least, I think it's creepier.

I don't want to be the kind of curmudgeon who would be too closed-minded to at least give the stuff a shot (especially considering how mechanical some of the “cooking” done at “restaurants” is these days), and if it wasn't hideously expensive I'd surely give it a shot for the novelty of the experience...but I can't say I'm especially looking forward to robot cooking taking over.

How about you?
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Man, that is one creepy robot arm... Certainly not something I'd like to have in my house.

As for robots taking over cooking... Oh, I don't mind. I've been eating nothing but cereal and microwave meals for the past however many years anyway.
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If my choices are a robot or mildly retarded 17 year old with questionable hygiene I'll take the 'bot. Of course I'm thinking about fast food here because, lets admit, fast food has no art(with the exception of in-n-out burger, who's temptations draw me back towards California a little more each year I'm away).However until we develop AI with creative potential the most place robots have in real sit-down restaurants is perhaps food prep, as real cooking requires artistry. 
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Better have some sort of warming system in the mechanical hand, otherwise they'll never beat solar hands at least in the bread industry!
Post by John_Martone (2,992 posts) See mini bio Level 10
@HeeroYuy: Yes! Get out of my head!
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