Wrecker Characters

Wrecker is a anime/manga concept
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A massive member of the Autobots who transforms into a SUV.

Miko Nakadai

Teenager who is the partner of the Autobot Bulkhead. Miko is an exchange student attending school in the United States but is originally from Tokyo, Japan.


Seaspray is one of the few Autobot members who can explore the ocean.


Topspin is a Autobot who is part of the Wreckers.

Ultra Magnus

Ultra Magnus is a Autobot General and Commander of Autobot City. He is Second in Command to Optimus and had many attempts to be Leader or a Prime but prefers being a soldier and nothing more.


An autobot inventor, his inventions usually don't work the way they are meant to though, if at all. In Armada he is an ex-autobot turned Decepticon, in Prime he is one of The Wreckers.

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