Worrying and Racing Ahead

Worrying and Racing Ahead is an anime episode of Tari Tari that was released on 08/19/2012
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Thankfully, Sawa's injuries were not severe, but she becomes depressed because she is unable to join an equestrian school. Konatsu and Wakana want Sawa to know that she has friends who are there for her, and Sawa's father cares more about her than she thinks. Also, the choir-badminton club faces another hurdle, as there is competition for performance spots in the upcoming school festival.

Plot Summary

Sawa takes a cab home with her dad
Sawa takes a cab home with her dad

Sawa was injured while practicing archery on horseback. Her father rushes to the hospital to see her. The doctor says the injuries are minor, but Sawa should avoid strenuous activity, which means she won't be participating in an upcoming tournament. Also there are signs of malnutrition. When Sawa gets home, Shiho tries talking to her. It turns out that the equestrian school has a weight limit, and since Sawa is over the limit, they will not accept her, which is why Sawa has been dieting. Her father says the only reason Sawa got this way is because she was stuck in her dreams, and that he will pay for Sawa's education. This makes Sawa angry and tells her parents to go away.

Their practice room has been taken!
Their practice room has been taken!

At school, the main choir group is using the choir-badminton club's practice room. This is because the groups performing on the main stage in the upcoming school festival can reserve any practice room they want. Sawa gets irritated when the main choir members think they are just playing around, because it's exactly what her father said to her about horseback riding. Sawa starts to tell them off, saying that the main choir is just churning out whatever songs the Vice Principal tells them to sing, but Wakana and Konatsu stop Sawa and just walk away. When they are outside deciding where to practice they need a place with a piano, but Wakana's room is too small. Atsuhiro says he has a piano at his place, so they go there. On the train together, Atsuhiro asks if Taichi knows any ninjas, while Konatsu tries to comfort Sawa. Konatsu is under the impression that Sawa broke up with someone. When they arrive at Atsuhiro's place, they find the piano is very out of tune, so they can't use it to practice. Sawa says she has to leave, but Konatsu stops her and invites her to talk to them. After learning about Sawa's problems, everyone tries encouraging her, but Sawa thinks that if she gives up now her future will be ruined.

The Vice Principal hears Wakana speak Mahiru's words
The Vice Principal hears Wakana speak Mahiru's words

At school the next day, the Vice Principal tells Konatsu and Wakana to withdraw their application to perform on the main stage. When she asks Wakana what she's doing, Wakana answers by talking about how music is something you create with others and "I can't create a beautiful harmony alone." These were words that Mahiru used as well. Vice Principal says they will have to prove themselves in the audition for the main stage. Unfortunately, the Vice Principal didn't tell them that the audition is today. And Sawa isn't at school today. Konatsu tries messaging her but she doesn't answer. Wakana seems to understand how Sawa is feeling and sends her a thoughtful message. Sawa is embarrassed by how strong Wakana is compared to herself.

Sawa is on her way
Sawa is on her way

Just then, Sawa overhears her father on the phone, arguing about how his daughter is fit to join the equestrian school. Sawa realizes how much her father cares about her. Konatsu calls again, saying that she will always be there for Sawa. Konatsu and the other choir members then sing a song for her over the phone. Sawa starts laughing and answers the phone, saying she is on her way. Unfortunately Sawa left her bike at school, so she has to ride Sabure. Meanwhile, Konatsu and the others stall for time. Sawa makes it just in time to get on stage with the others.

Points of Interest

  • Atsuhiro has Power Ranger-like figures on his shelf, but the red one is missing. Atsuhiro says the red one is away on a special mission.


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