World Trigger Characters

World Trigger is an manga series in the World Trigger franchise
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Ai Kitora

Ai is an A-Rank member of Boarder

Chika Amatori

Chika have a high level of Trion

Jun Arashiyama

Jun is the Captain of Boarder elite squad the Arashiyama Squad

Katsumi Karasawa

Katsumi is the Business Director for Border

Kirie Konami

Kirie is part of the Tamakoma Branch of Border

Kyoko Sawamura

Kyoko is the Assistant Director of Border

Masafumi Shinoda

Masafumi is the Defense Corps Commander of Border.

Masamune Kido

Masamune is the Chief Executive of Border.

Matakichi Kinuta

Matakichi is the R&D Director of Border.

Mitsuru Tokieda

Mitsuru is part of Boarder elite squad the Arashiyama Squad

Osamu Mikumo

Osamu is a member of Border


Replica is Yuma's chaperone.

Shuji Miwa

Shuji is a Border agent.

Takumi Rindo

Takumi is the Director of Tamakoma Branch of Border

Yosuke Yoneya

Yosuke is a Border member.

Yuichi Jin

Yuichi is an S-Rank member of Boarder

Yuma Kuga

Yuma is a Neighbor, who is searching for his father's friend on Earth

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