World of the Four Nations Characters

World of the Four Nations is a anime/manga location
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Colonel Mongke is the leader of the Rough Rhino troop who conquer towns for the Fire Nation.

Monk Gyatso

Monk Gyatso is the leader of the Southern Air Temple that instructed Aang in Airbending.

Monk Pasang

Monk Pasang was a high monk of the Southern Air Temple.

Monk Tashi

Monk Tashi is one of the five elders of the Southern Air Temple.


General Mung is a officer of the Fire Nation army in charge of a factory to create metal for the military.


Naga is a polar bear dog and animal guide for Avatar Korra.

On Ji

On Ji is a young female student at a Fire nation school who befriends Aang.


Chief Oyaji is the leader of Kyoshi Island in the southern seas of the Earth Kingdom.


Fire Lord Ozai is the main villain of Avatar whom Aang must defeat. He is also Zuko's dad and helps continue the war.


Pabu is the loyal pet fire ferret of Bolin and the mascot of their pro-bending team, The Fire Ferrets.

Painted Lady

The Painted Lady is a being from the Spirit World who guards a river in the Fire Nation.


Pakku is a waterbending master of the Northern Water Tribe and refused to instruct women. However, he teach Katara after discovering that she is the granddaughter of the woman he wanted to marry long time ago. After meeting Katara again he reveal that he married her grandmother.


Pao is a teashop owner in the lower rings of Ba Sing Se.


Pema is the wife of Air Bending Master Tenzin and mother to Jinora, Ikki, and Meelo.


Piandao is a sword master of the Fire nation and a member of the White Lotus.


Pipsqueak is the strong man of the Freedom Fighters.


Pong is a minor government official who lives in the upper levels of Ba Sing Se.


Warden Poon is the chief guard in charge of the Capital City Prison.

Poppy Beifong

Poppy Beifong is the wife of Lao Bei Fong and the mother of Toph.

Princess Yue

Princess Yue is the princess of the Northern Water Tribe.

Prison Rig Warden

Prison Rig Warden is the leader of the offshore prison the Fire Nation uses to hold renegade Earthbenders.


Qin is the minister of war for the Fire Nation in charge of new technologies.


Quon is a rich business owner from the upper levels of Ba Sing Se who runs various tea houses.

Ran and Shaw

Ran and Shaw are two firebending dragons at the Cave of the Masters, and the last remaining dragons in the World of the Four Nations.


The New born second son of Tenzin


Roku is one of the previous Avatars born of the Fire Kingdom.


Ruon-Jian is an arrogant teen who lives on Ember island in the Fire Nation.


Saikhan is second in command of the Metalbending Police Force in Republic City.


Sela is the wife of Gansu and mother of Lee.


Sha-Mo is a leader of the sandbenders in the Si Wong Desert, and the father of Ghashiun.


Shoji is a student at a Fire Nation school who befriends Aang.


Shyu is the youngest of the five Fire Sages, and the only member to remain loyal to the Avatar over the Fire Lord.


Smellerbee is a warrior of the Freedom Fighters.


Sneers is a member of the Freedom Fighters.


A young warrior of the southern water tribe and brother of Katara


Song is a citizen of the Earth Kingdom who tends to the sick with her mother.

Song's Mother

Song's Mother is a citizen of the Earth Kingdom who runs a small clinic with the help of her daughter.


Sozin is the Fire Lord who began the 100 Year War.


Star is a snobbish society girl from the upper levels of Ba Sing Se.


Sud is an Earthbending master who instructed Avatar Roku.

Sun Warrior Chief

Sun Warrior Chief is the leader of the remaining Sun Warriors.


General Sung is a commanding officer of the Earth Kingdom's army that was in charge of guarding defenses of the Great Wall of Ba Sing Se.

Ta Min

Ta Min is the wife of Avatar Roku and great grandmother of Zuko and Azula.


Tahn is an Earth Kingdom refugee traveling to Ba Sing Se with his wife Ying.


Tarrlok is the Republic City councilman for the Northern Water Tribes. He is not just a waterbender, but a blood bender as well, and so powerful he can blood bend without a full moon.He is the son of Yakone and younger brother of Noatok(Amon)


Tenzin is the son of the late Avatar Aang and Katara. He is the Air Bending master of his time.


Teo is a young boy who lost the use of his legs at an early age but can fly with the help of his father's gliding inventions.

The Big Bad Hippo

The Big Bad Hippo is an underground Earthbending entertainer and fighter in Gaoling.

The Boulder

The Boulder is an underground Earthbending entertainer and fighter in Gaoling.

The Duke

The Duke is one of the youngest and smallest of the Freedom Fighters warriors.

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