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Kazuto Iizuka is an ordinary Japanese 14-year-old until his new classmate Narue Nanase bludgeons a puppy with a bat, claiming that it is an alien invader about to eat him. In fact, Narue is not lying. Although she has been raised on Earth, she is the daughter of a man who works for the Galactic Federation. Kazuto thereby gains the alien girlfriend common to so many anime since Urusei Yatsura, who is not merely a love interest, but also a defender of the Earth-see Saikano, Mahoromatic, and … well, most of the anime on the shelves of your local anime store. Later episodes tick further boxes of the modern harem show, since cute cyborg girls are soon also hanging around with Kazuto, while time-dilation effects à la Gunbuster ensure that Narue's older sister is actually younger than her, and also comes to stay. There are several superficial references in the story to classic science-fiction novels, particularly Robert Heinlein's Door into Summer (1957) and A.E. van Vogt's World of Null-A (1948) to which the title is a punning reference.

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Name World of Narue
Romaji: Narue no Sekai
Publisher ?
Start Year 2003
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