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World of Buxom is a anime/manga concept
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Aishwarya Ray

A mysterious woman who know Annerose from childhood.

Annerose Vajra

The main heroine of the Koutetsu no majo Annerose series by Lilith-soft

Bachou Mouki

Main character of Ikki Tousen Xtreme Xecutor. Has a grudge against Sousou Moutoku due to something that happened in the past between him and her older brother Kansui Bunyaku.

Big Boing

Member of The Majestic Twelve. Her power involves bouncing her breasts up and down or batting them with her arms to distract everyone.

Cana Alberona

One of the highest ranking members of Fairy Tail, Cana is known for her magic cards and her heavy drinking.

Chin-Kyuu Koudai

An subordinate of Totaku as well as Ryofu's secret lover.

Chisato Yamane

Nami's best friend.

Chou'un Shiryuu

A Powerful silver-haired toushi with a sword.

Ekitoku Chouhi

Energetic friend of Ryuubi Gentoku and Kan'u Unchou.

Erza Knightwalker

Erza Scarlet's dimensional counterpart from Edolas. Unlike her Earth Land counterpart, Edolas Erza is sadistic, and cruel. She has also killed many of the Edolas Fairy Tail members earning her the title "Erza the Fairy Hunter".

Erza Scarlet

Erza is a powerful S-Class mage and one of the main characters in Fairy Tail. She's part of Team Natsu and uses Requip magic to change into different suits of armor, each with it's own unique properties.


A Member of the Fairy Tail guild with the ability to turn anybody to stone who looks into her eyes. She later became a bodyguard for Laxus Dreyar and tried to kill the female members of Fairy Tail but failed. She is still a member of the guild.

Goei Sonsaku

Mother of Hakufu, and she is always looking for a new man.

Hakufu Sonsaku

Hakufu Sonsaku is the busty main female-protagonist of Ikki Tousen.


She is Lucy Heartphilia's distant relative in the Fairy Tail franchise until she is revealed to Imitatia.

Junko Asagiri

A rival of Desert Punk's. When she first met Desert Punk she used her sex appeal to trick him into capturing her target.

Juvia (Edolas)

Juvia Lockser's Edolas counterpart. She is confident and bossy.

Juvia Lockser

Original a member of the Phantom Lord Guild group Element 4. She later joined the Fairy Tail guild due to developing a crush on Gray Fullbuster.

Kakouen Myousai

Kakouen Myousai is a supporting character from the anime / manga Ikki Tousen and one of Motoku Sousou's elite battle grunts.

Kaku Bunwa

A cunning villain that gets very inhumane at times.


Sekirei #03.

Keiji Maeda

Keiji Maeda is a qi master, a powerful samurai, and a master of disguise. She is also a perverse lesbian who hates men.

Kyocho Chuukou

A childhood friend of Sousou Moutoku and later his bodyguard.

Lisanna Strauss

Elfman and Mirajane's younger sister who is also a member of Fairy Tail. She was believed to be dead but was somehow transported to Edolas for the last two years. Because of her supposed death Elfman and Mirajane suffered mental and emotional trauma which crippled their powers considerably.

Lucy Ashley

Lucy's dimensional counterpart from Edolas. While her physical appearance matches Heartfilia's, Ashley has a bad-girl attitude. She fights with a magic whip.

Lucy Heartfilia

Lucy is a Celestial Spirit Mage and member of Team Natsu in the Fairy Tail Guild. As well as being able to summon Celestial Spirits, she is also quite skilled in combat with a whip.


Sekirei #02 who has computer and hacking skills. Matsu was also a member of the original Disciplinary Squad.

Michiko Fleuretty

A maid servant of Annerose who is also a demon.


Through a very bouncy, sexy & jiggly dance Natsumi Rokudo transforms into the voluptuous Mii who is the spirit of flowers, fertility, and reproduction. Her large breasts represent and contain Earth's life-giving energy.

Miki Otonashi

A young who asks Annerose to help look for her missing brother.

Mirajane Strauss

A long time member of the Fairy Tail guild who is a S-Class mage. She also bartends for the guild and is their cover girl in the weekly sorcerer.


No biography written.

Miya Asama

Originally known as Sekirei #01.


A Woman who wears different sexy costumes each time Abenobashi changes.

Musashi Miyamoto


Sekirei #88 who is the female protagonist of the series. She is the first Sekirei Minato met and made a contract with, she is also at the same time Sekirei #8 Yume, who somehow is inside of Musubi.

Nagisa Risako

High School teacher and a agent of a secret entity that's not disclosed. Risako-sensei is also the adviser for the High School's Treasure Hunting Club.

Nami Koishikawa

Main character of Super Sexy Sailors.


a character of the hentai Bakunyuu Maid Gari

Ryofu Housen

Having a known habit of dressing in a more revealing nature, Ryofu is a power fighter with a high sexual energy and a chronic illness.

Ryuubi Gentoku

A toushi who is more into books than fighting.


A paizuri loving succubus from Kyonyuu Fantasy.

Sherry Blendi

A mage who belongs to Lamia Scale. She has the ability to take control of any object except humans but she can control Celestial Spirits.

Shimei Ryomou

A toushi that wears an Eye patch and is one of the four Devas of Nanyo Academy

Sonken Chuubou

A girl claiming to be Hakufu's younger sister.


Tsukiumi is Sekirei #09.


Ukitsu is a dark-skinned master of martial arts who is masterful enough that she doesn't require the use of chi. She was ordered to challenge Hakufu and was nearly killed.

Ultear Milkovich

The daughter of Ul who was believed to be dead. She became a member of the Magic Council and used this a means to gather information on where the keys of Zeref where, so she could use the keys to free him.

Unchou Kanu

The most feared and powerful Toushi around.


No biography written.

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