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World Government is a anime/manga concept
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Three-Headed Baskerville is the Chief-Justice of the Enies Lobby Courts. Though he apears as a three-headed man. He is in fact just three good friends.


Corgi is a worker in the World Government that constantly tried to get Iceburg to hand over the blueprints for Pluton.

Don Quixote Doflamingo

Don Quixote Doflamingo is the leader of the Don Quixote Family and king of Dressrosa. He rules an underground organization under his alias, Joker.


FukurĂ´ Is a member of the Cipher Pol. 9. He's a round and obnoxious man with a zipper on his mouth to close his big mouth.


Hattori is the loyal pet to Rob Lucci of the Cipher Pol 9. During Lucci's time undercover in the Galley-La Company. Hattori played the role of the ventriloquist dummy for Lucci


Jerry is an agent of the World Government's CP-6.


Kaku is a member of CP9, he possesses the power of the Devil Fruit Ushi-Ushi Fruit Model: Giraffe.


Kong is the Commander-in-Chief of the Marines for the World Government.


Kumadori is an overly dramatic member of the Cipher Pol. 9. He can control his long locks of hair and behaves in the manner of a kabuki actor.


Nero the Weasel is the latest addition to the ranks of the CP-9. Of the six rokushiki abilities, he can only use four.

PX Series

The PX Series are humanoid weapons of the Pacifista Army. Created by Dr. Vegapunk and modeled as copies of Bartholomew Kuma.

Rob Lucci

Rob Lucci is one of the foremen of Dock One as well as a highly skilled Ryokugan user. He ate the Neko Neko no Mi Fruit.

Saint Charloss

Saint Charloss is one of the Celestial Dragon. He is a dim and careless individual who's personality is more akin to a bratty, spoiled child.

Saint Don Quixote Homing

Saint Don Quixote Homing is the father of Doflamingo and Rocinante. He was once a Celestial Dragon who left the world nobles to live among the common people.

Saint Roswald

Saint Roswald is one of the Celestial Dragons. An arrogant, cruel, and headstrong man. Father of Charloss and Shalria.

Saint Shalria

Saint Shalria is one of the Celestial Dragons. She is just as wicked and heartless as her father, Saint Roswald.


Sakazuki is the Fleet-Admiral of the Marines, formerly known as Admiral Akainu; and has an extreme view of what he sees as "Justice". He ate the Devil Fruit that gave him the power of magma. He is one of the main antagonists of One Piece.


Fleet Admiral Sengoku is the leader of all forces of the Marines. Most noted for the large seagull he has attached to his hat.


Sentomaru is a member of the Marine Forces and assistant to Dr. Vegapunk. Though claiming to be tight lipped. He talks openly about secrets.


Spandam is the chief director of the Cipher Pol No. 9 team under the banner of the World Government. He was the one responsible for the fate that befell the proud shipwright in Water 7 by the name of Tom the Builder, who was Franky's mentor in life.


Spandine at one time was the leader of the Cipher Pol 9. He is the father of the current leader Spandam.


Tsuru is an elder looking woman who is a subordinate of Sengoku. Both work at Marineford. Famous for being a great tactician. She ate the Wash-Wash Fruit.


An ingenious scientist, Dr. Vegapunk has made great advances in the study of Devil Fruit in the One Piece world.


Wanze is the eccentric member of of the Cipher Pol 7. squad of the World Government. He produces ramen noodles through his nose.

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