Working on the Dream

Working on the Dream is an anime episode of Space Brothers that was released on 08/25/2012

JAXA's third exam in the sealed boxes is over. Each team had to choose two team members to become astronauts and go to Houston. Serika and Nitta were chosen for Team A by playing rock-paper-scissors. However, there is still a chance that JAXA will choose other candidates to go as well. How many, no one knows yet. Mutta, who wasn't chosen to go to Hourson, feels that his luck has just about worn out. Worried about what to say, Mutta hasn't called or messaged his brother Hibito after the exam ended.

Plot Summary

Team A celebrates
Team A celebrates

To celebrate the end of the third exam, Team A goes out to dinner. Fukuda, Nitta, Serika and Mutta are at the restauarant, deciding what to order. Since Yasushi isn't there yet, Mutta suggests ordering a banana for him. After Yasushi arrives, it is revealed that Nitta and Serika were the ones who won rock-paper-scissors and are going to Houston to visit NASA in their next steps to becoming astronauts. They toast each other for their hard work over the past two weeks. Everyone enjoys dinner, but Mutta notices that Serika looks a little apologetic about going to Houston. After dinner, Yasushi takes a train back to Kyoto, and invites them to give him a call if they are ever in the area so he can show them around. Fukuda says he is going on an onsen trip. Mutta notices that both Yasushi and Fukuda are more relaxed than he is about the results of the third exam. The next day Mutta is seen in the park, looking at a job listing magazine, no doubt Mutta is still feeling a little down about not going to Houston.

The 6 candidates who were chosen by their teammates
The 6 candidates who were chosen by their teammates

Over at JAXA, a panel of staff start evaluating the remaining members who were not chosen. One staff comments against how Mutta proposed to use rock-paper-scissors. Hoshika defends Mutta's decision by saying only the team members could understand what happened in the sealed box. Tsurumi explains that, in the past, teams have generally left the third exam on good terms. However, this was the first time they added the task of having to choose two team members to become astronauts, which caused much more tension and conflict than anticipated. Hoshika explains that although rock-paper-scissors may have seemed unorthodox, the only team that immediately promised to get together again (after they had decided on two team members) was Team A.

Mutta can't bring himself to call his brother
Mutta can't bring himself to call his brother

A few days later, Mutta tries to write an apologetic text to Hibito, saying he must have used up all his luck in America, and couldn't win a round of rock-paper-scissors. By using up all his luck in America, Mutta is referring to how Apo and him caught the arsonist in America and was able to appear on television, which tipped his chances of passing JAXA's second exam. Mutta just ends up deleting the message and sighing to himself. Mutta goes to see a movie by himself. Just when Mutta is thinking of how he will break the news to his brother Hibito, he gets a text from Kenji. Kenji caught the news saying that JAXA has announced that they would be sending 8 candidates to Houston, 3 of which are female. Since there were only 3 females across all 3 teams, 2 of which were chosen by their team members to go to Houston, that means JAXA will only be choosing 1 additional male candidate to go to Houston. Mutta thinks it has to be Kenji. When Mutta arrives home that night, he has a mail from JAXA.

Apo waits eagerly
Apo waits eagerly

Over in Houston, Apo acts as Hibito's alarm clock, who starts barking at 6a.m. Hibito notices that Mutta still hasn't messaged him since the end of the third exam. At the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center, Jennifer does a presentation in front of a group of children as she talks over live footage of astronauts in a training simulator, where they will train for 48 hours straight. Jennifer tries to keep the kids' attention, but before long she goes on a monologue. As Hibito is training, he realizes that he still has a lot to do until he goes to space, Mutta isn't as far behind as he thinks he is, and they both still have the same goal.

Mutta worries how he'll talk to Kenji
Mutta worries how he'll talk to Kenji

Mutta is spending the day around the city with Fukuda. Fukuda tells him now he is focusing on what to do next. Fukuda was offered a job at a private company that wants to launch Japan's first manned rocket. At the end of the day, Fukuda thanks Mutta for giving him a chance during the third exam (both by not telling the rest of the team that he broke the clock, and by having them decide by rock-paper-scissors). Fukuda then congratulates Mutta for making it to Houston. Mutta reflects how reading the letter from JAXA was the happiest moment of his life. Mutta finally calls Hibito, the call is picked up by a NASA staff member, since Hibito is still training in the simulator. Once the news is relayed to Hibito, everyone is happy that Mutta is coming to join Hibito. Mutta is both thrilled and anxious, but now instead of worrying about what to say to his brother Hibito, he is worried about what he will say to his best friend Kenji, now that Kenji will not be going to Houston.

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