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Womanizer is a anime/manga concept
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Akio Ohtori

The attractive and sexually induced acting chairman of the Ohtori Academy. It's hinted that he and Dios were one and the same in his youth, but he lost his purpose as a prince making him possibly comparable to a fallen angel.

Chun Woo Han

Chun Woo Han is the english techer and martial art master of Shi Woon Yi who is hellbent to take reveng for his master death on the Murim world.

Dean Winchester

Dean Winchester hunts demons, spirits and other supernatural creatures with his brother, Sam Winchester.


One of the 13 Gate Card owners.


Duke's younger brother, he is a member of G.I. Joe who first appeared in G.I. Joe The Movie. Falcon has a lot of vices, he tries to hook up with any attractive woman he sees and has had issues with drug addiction.

Guiche de Gramont

Guiche is another student from the Tristain Magic Academy. His familiar is a giant mole obsessed with jewelry called Belldandy and his main magic affinity is the earth element.

Ichiya Vandalay Kotobuki

One of the top mages of the Blue Pegasus Guild who uses magical perfume spells.

Iron Man

AKA Tony Stark, the owner of a wealthy weapon company and the creator of the Iron Man Armor.


Jiraiya is a member of the Legendary Sannin from the Hidden Leaf Village, Naruto's mentor and godfather, and the author of scurrilous romance novels.

Kida Masaomi

Kida Masaomi is a childhood and best friend of Ryugamine Mikado. He is the outgoing and active counterpart to Mikado's sheltered lifestyle. Very at home in the city of Tokyo, he serves as a guide to Mikado.

Makoto Isshiki

Makoto Isshiki is a high school freshman who befriends Yuta and is interested in meeting girls.


One of InuYasha's entourage. He is cursed, and has a vacuum in his right hand that banishes enemies..

Nicholas D. Wolfwood

One of Trigun's most important characters, Vash's best friend


The playboy Prince of a advanced race of human from another dimension, he is banished to Earth by his enraged father who has caught him having sex with two servants. He must earn the love of six women on Earth in order to end his exile and return home.

Ryuuji Touma

Burdened by terrible luck when it comes to being with women, the hapless Ryuuji seemed doomed to a life by himself. However, his rotten luck turns for the better after he is saved from death by Terumo Masumi, who is ready to rock his world!

Saiga Umetaro

He's the chief at Sawamura Minori's company. He picks Minori for his team; however, he has his eyes on her and investigates her relationship with Hatsuhi.


Sanji is the Chef of the Straw Hat Pirates. He's a chivalrous fighter who loves women to an almost extreme degree. A top of the line chef who will never use his hands in a fight.


Sharrkan is a master swordsman who is a member of Sinbad's Eight Generals.

Spirit Albarn

One of the Death Scythes, Shinigami-sama's personal weapons, in Soul Eater. He is also the father of Maka Albarn.

Tokiya Mejiro

The president Yokuryo High School's student council. His dream is to be popular with all the girls in the school.

Touga Kiryuu

The student council president and strongest of the duelists. His motivation for participating in the duels is unclear.

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