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Finished watching Wolfs Rain. I always find it hard to sum up my thought on anime like this that's so full of philosophy and open to so many interpretations.

on one hand it can easily be argued that it has a very sad un-satisfactory ending but on the other there are so many ways to interpret events it will be stuck in my head for days and you absolutely care about each and every character.

my one genuine criticism is that its very slow paced and can he hard to watch up until episode 18 but the second half of the anime is absolutely gripping.

all in all if a show can make me think about the story after the credits roll and you cared about the characters then its Great.

now on to my next problem. what to watch next from my ever expanding backlog. Gantz or Code Geass season 2 , or do i finally open that Bleach season 1 boxset thats been taunting me for months.

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