Wolf Body Armor

Wolf Body Armor is a anime/manga thing
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The Wolf Body Armor was created by Majolica le Fay, and design my Ringo Akai as a cute, defensive armor for Ryoko Okami.

 Wolf Body Armor
 Wolf Body Armor
The Wolf Body Armor first appeared in the anime Okamisan - Episode 5. Created as a defensive armor for Ryoko Okami of the Otogi Bank. It was designed by Ryoko's best friend and roommate Ringo Akai, then constructed by the Otogi Bank's resident scientist, Majolica le Fay
Ryoko wasn't too pleased with the cute design of the armor.
It was presented to Ryoko with upgraded Kitty Knuckles called, The Kitty Knuckles Custom Mark II.


 Momoko asks for assistance.
 Momoko asks for assistance.
One of the members of the Otogi Academy's Morals Committee, Momoko Kibitsu, had come to the Otogi Bank in order to request assistance in traveling to the rival school of Onigashima High School. Their delinquent students had been getting far too out of hand recently and she was looking to see their new student council president in order to reign his people in. This was looking to be a serious fight and wished to have the assistance of the Otogi Bank's heavy hitter, Ryoko, on her team.
By the next day, Majolica le Fay had created the body armor based on the designs of Ringo Akai. Her idea was to make something adorable of Ryoko, but she wasn't too fond of the cuteness of the look. She was more interested in protection than aesthetics. 
When Ryoshi appeared in his new outfit, his compliment on how cute she looked only earned him a hard punch.
 Kyoko and Momoko at Onigashima High School
 Kyoko and Momoko at Onigashima High School
Once Momoko arrived with her entourage, the six of them all headed to Onigashima High School and their target was on the fourth floor's Student Council Room.. The delinquents of the school were ready for their arrival and armed with crude weapons.
A quick battle ensued where Ryoko fought in her new armor and was also armed with the further upgraded Kitty Knuckles. This model yowls when it strikes someone. She fought well and conquered all her opponents, with Ryoshi as her regular backup.
General Information Edit
Thing Name Wolf Body Armor
Japanese Name: 狼ボディーアーマー
Romaji Name: Ōkami bodī āmā
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Okamisan #5
1st anime movie:
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