Wizard Girl Ambitious

Wizard Girl Ambitious is an anime series
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It's an ero anime about Asuka, a pinked hair tsundere wizard, who befriended a male soldier named Kei. After being together and training as partners, she and Kei had sex for the first time.


Based on an eroge visual novel game, it's an erotic anime series (Hentai) that was produced by PoRO, and the original creator is Sugar Pot. It's genre and themes are Fantasy, Magical Girl, Tsundere, and Hentai.

It has one episode with a running time of 28 minutes.


The series revolves around the Asuka's relationship with Kei. As she and Kei experiences having sex for the first time and doing it a couple of times, Asuka gets angry at Kei for lusting over another girl, Christine the blue haired one.

Can Asuka stops Kei from having coitus with Christine and being unfaithful and will Asuka over come her tsundere personality and confess her feelings for Kei?


Asuka Mitsurgi
Asuka Mitsurgi
Asuka Mitsurgi (御剣 アスカ (みつるぎ あすか)) - She is a pink haired, tsundere wizard who is Kei's partner throughout their journey and many quests.
It's assumed she is a flame wizard due to blasting the door with fire magic. Yet, no other magic is observed from her. Two of her moves used in this series is Flame Lance and Dragon Flare.
She beats up Kei for being a lustful dog. Despite her tsundere personality, she scares away Christine who is about to have coitus with Rei. She tells Rei that she will not forgive him if Kei slept with another girl.
Kei (ケイ) is a soldier or swordsman who accompanies Asuka in their journey. He is a kind and caring person, but in bed, he's an insatiable, lustful beast who ravishes Asuka's body without stopping. At the end of their intercourse, he begs Asuka for forgiveness, yet Asuka will blast him with magic or kick him.
Christine Reika Raphael
Christine Reika Raphael
Christine Reika Raphael (クリスティーヌ・レイカ・ラファエロ) is another wizard who has blue hair and light red eyes that almost looks like pink. It's assumed she is an ice wizard, but no other types of magic is seen from her. One of her attacks used in this series is Ice Javelin.
She calls Kei with the honoriic, "sama." This annoys Asuka who calls her "Ero." In this OVA, Christine refers to herself as Raphael, her last name.
She insults Asuka by calling her a perverted, flat-chested wizard.

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Like all ero anime and visual novel, Wizard Girls Ambitious has some erotic memorabilia.

  • Body Pillow
  • Breast Pad
  • Pillowcase


There are two wallpapers for Asuka and Christine at no cost.

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Volume 1

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General Information Edit
Name Wizard Girl Ambitious
Name: ウィザードガール。アンビシャス
Publisher PoRo
Start Year 2011
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