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Akako Koizumi

Akako is a witch that practices black magic, one of her spells makes all men adore and love her. She has a crush on Kaitou Kid but is impervious to her spell.


The main protagonist of Tweeny Witches.

Amaki Suwa

Amaki Suwa is one the 504th Joint Fighter Wing from the Fuso Empire as part of the 47th Flying Squadron.

Ange Ushiromiya

Battler's half sister.

Angela Leon

A witch in the anime / manga Soul Eater. Mifune, her guardian, protects her against those who want to claim her soul. She is still very young and not skilled at using magic.

Anna Ferrara

Anna Ferrara is a witch and trainer of other witches on her private island in Romagna,


A character from the anime / manga Soul Eater. One of the Main antagonists in the story, who is known as "The Heretic Witch".


One of the employees of Death City's resident cabaret club, Chupa♡Cabra's. She is a witch along with her friend Risa.

Ayumi Mamiya

Baba Uranai

Baba Uranai or Fortuneteller Baba is a witch who first appears in the sixty- ninth episode on the Dragon Ball series.


A witch who used to steal the lives of men in order to maintain her youth. Kurohime defeated her and drained her of the energy she stole. She then possess a young girl named Yuka but was defeated again. She was revived by Sword and became a member of the Kurohime Punishment Squad.


Bayonetta is the main protagonist of Bayonetta: Bloody Fate. She is a powerful witch that fights using magic spells, various weapons, and her hair.


The main antagonist of Umineko no Naku Koro Ni, she is Battler's main opponent in the Game.


One of the characters in Soul Eater. Blair is a cat with a strong aptitude for magic, which gets her confused as a witch.


Caster is a servant from Fate/stay night. She became a Honored guest of the Ryudou Family and was able to stay at their temple unitl preparations for her marriage have been finalized. She was really using the temple to revive the Holy Grail.


A accomplished White Witch who is in love with Tsukasa.


A Witch from the MÄR series


A Young woman with long-black hair. Apparently at odds with Murasaki, she is responsible for the Offscourings, an opposing force similar in origin to the Drifters

Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen

Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen is one the 501st Joint Fighter Wing from the Suomus Forces. She is a skilled fortune teller.

Erika Furudo

A detective that comes to Rokkenjima in the fifth game

Eruka Frog

A cowardly witch who works for Medusa Gorgon, and is a minor antagonist in the Soul Eater franchise. Like most witches in the series, Eruka also has an affinity for a specific animal, hers being a frog.



Farnese Vandimion

Initially the Holy Iron Chain Knights leader, she now travel's with Guts and is learning magic under Schierke tutelage.

Featherine Augustus Aurora

Februar Zwei

Februar Zwei is a loli witch who is 100 years old in the Senyu series.

Fernandia Malvezzi

Fernandia Malvezzi is one the 504th Joint Fighter Wing from the Romagna Forces.


A witch that the Skull Knight gave her the Berserker Armor.

Frederica Bernkastel

A Mysterious Presence in Higurashi. The witch of miracles in Umineko, and also the most cruelest witch of all; She is the main antagonist of the series

Gertrud Barkhorn

Gertrud Barkhorn is one the 501st Joint Fighter Wing from the Karsland Forces. She's is a powerful and stern fighter that takes pride in her duty.

Grandmother Miyafuji

Grandmother Miyafuji is the grandmother of Yoshika Miyafuji. She is a skilled witch doctor in the Fuso Empire.


Hama is a waterbender from the Southern Water Tribes who developed bloodbending.

Hanna-Justina Marseille

Hanna-Justina Marseille is one the 31st Storm Witches from the Karlsland Forces and an ace pilot with a taste for competition.


Heckett is the daughter of Satan. While she initially appears evil, she later reveals she is on the side of good and helps Princess Sapphire to ruin her father's evil schemes.

Junko Takei

Junko Takei is the commanding officer of the 504th Joint Fighter Wing from the Fuso Forces.

Kaya Blanche

A witch that was formerly mentored by Yuko Morino.


The young heroine of Kiki's Delivery Service

Kim Diehl

Kim is a supporting character in Soul Eater. She is the object of Ox Ford's affections, but could care less about him. She uses the lamp weapon Jacqueline.


A beautiful woman who uses magical bullets. She defied the gods and was cursed, and was turned into a little girl who can only revert to her normal self by falling in love.

Kyoko Kagami

Kyoko Kagami is a trained fortune-telling witch that runs a small shop and took in the timid Kaoru Mochizuki as her assistant.

Kyoko Ogura

Kyoko Ogura is the eccentrics and caring mother of Ryu Ogura, and she's a witch.


Lambdadelta was the former strongest witch in the universe, after being defeated in her "game" with Bernkastel. She highly resembles Miyo Takano from Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, and their names are similar also, with Lambda= 30 and Delta= 4, while the kanji in Takano's name make 34 as well.

Lily Ramses Futaba

A young witch apprentice under Ms. Yuko. She is always hounding Ichiro for being a pervert.


A Black Witch from a rival school who's ordered to kill Tsukasa before Irene and Chipple can complete their assignment.

Luciana Mazzei

Luciana Mazzei is one the 504th Joint Fighter Wing from the Romagna Forces and a skilled sniper.

Lucrezia Zora

She's the promiscuous witch in the Campione! anime series.


One of Yunas protectors and close friends. Lulu knew Yuna and Waka since she was young and has vowed to protect Yuna at any cost.


The Leader of the witches in Soul Eater. Her powers are at the level of Shinigami-sama. Her left eye is missing due to Free taking it and making it his.


One of the villains in the Kingdom Hearts series who led a group of Disney villains. She is the villain from Sleeping Beauty.

Mami Kuroi

A new teacher who applied at Domori Elementary who is a witch. Although she appears young she is really 28.

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