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A female sorcerer or magician.

Though witches are mostly in the appearance of normal human beings, there can be some of them who look different because of their magic abilities. Wile some witches has gathered magic through birth or simple learned it through education, some witches has gained magic by making a pact with the devil or a powerfull demon. Cats and apples (sometimes even poisoned apples) are a commodity in the homes of many witches along with brooms (wich they use as flying mounts) and wands (a common amplifier, tool and weapon of magic), but sometimes you can also find big kettles and potions somewhere in the house along with odd ingredients sutch as roots, herbs or animal parts. The witch population of the past consisted mostly of elderly women living in remote parts of the cities or sometimes even in the middle of the woods in small huts where they would not be disturbed by commoners, soldiers or witch hunters. Nowadays, the witch population consists of a large ammount of youger and youthfull women who lives together with everyone else in the cities, but tends not to use magic in order to keep it a secret and not to end up in trouble. The only thing that tends to differentiate these witches from normal humans are the fact that they can cast magic.
Throughout history, there has been a very negative view of witches, portraying them as servants of Satan, abducters and devourers of children, summoners of plauges and pests, creators of posions and casters of curses. When something bad was happening in the society (sutch as if people were getting sick or if the harvest and economy was going bad), it was not rare that a woman who stuck out of the norm in some way (or a woman who was disliked by someone in possesion of social power) had to take the blame. Too see if a woman really was a witch, they conducted a few tests to see if she really was one. Sadly, almost all of these tests were ineffective and would almost always accuse a woman for being a witch. Sometimes these tests would even kill a person. Some of these tests includes waterboarding, pricking and hanging. If she died, she was considered innocent, but if she survived, she was accused for being aided by dark and evil powers and thereby "prooving" that she was a witch. A very common form of execution against witches was to bind them to a pole and burn them in a pyre in order to give them a sample of how the afterlife would be for them once they died of the scorching heat. These forms of methods were also used against men to see if they were warlocks, but this was extremly rare due to mens superiority and higher value of life in society during that time. 
In some cultures, it is said that they party with the devil during easter in a place called "Blåkulla" ("The Blue Hill"), where they take joy in the day that Jesus died as they come up with new ways to plauge mankind.
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Concept Name Witches
Japanese Name: 魔女
Romaji Name: majo
Aliases Female Warlock
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