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Kaoru Mochizuki

Kaoru Mochizuki is a timid young man who stumbled into the job as the lab assistant to the lovely witch, Kyoko Kagami.

Kyoko Kagami

Kyoko Kagami is a trained fortune-telling witch that runs a small shop and took in the timid Kaoru Mochizuki as her assistant.

Master Alice

Master Alice is the powerful but lecherous witchcraft master of Kyoko Kagami and Sara Saionji. She uses her magic to keep a youthful body.

Megumi Miki

Megumi Miki is a young model and aspiring actress who was hired by the yakuza to seduce Kaoru Mochizuki.

Ryuji Kurosawa

Ryuji Kurosawa is a yakuza boss and head of Yamamoto Industries who want the secret of Kyoko Kagami's precognition.

Sara Saionji

Sara Saionji is a young witch of mixed descent who works for the Yakuza and a rival of Kyoko Kagami.

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