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Witchcraft is an erotic manga series created by Yamatogawa. Kaoru Mochizuki was a shy and timid boy who stumbled into shop of the fortune-telling witch Kyoko Kagami while hiding from some thugs, and wound up becoming her assistant/guinea pig for her hypnotic experiments.


Witchcraft Vol. 1 JPN (Mar 2008)
Witchcraft Vol. 1 JPN (Mar 2008)

Witchcraft is an er-manga series that was written and illustrated by was written by Yamatogawa. It was first published by Akaneshinsha's TENMA Comics in 2008. The series is an erotic comedy story of both magic, hypnotism, rough sex, and romance.

" Kaoru Mochizuki was a shy and timid boy who stumbled into shop of the fortune-telling witch Kyoko Kagami while hiding from some thugs, and wound up becoming her assistant/guinea pig for her hypnotic experiments. The results of which make for some sweet side effects, but there are some out there that want Kyoko's powers under their control. "


Publication History

The series first began publication in Akaneshinsha's Tenma Comics in 2008. The full collected volume version was released in Japan in March 31, 2008. This hasn't been officially published in the U.S.


Kaoru Mochizuki (望月 薫)

Kaoru Mochizuki
Kaoru Mochizuki

Kaoru Mochizuki is a timid young man who was running away from a gang of delinquents when he took shelter in the store of a lovely fortune teller, Kyoko Kagami. Kyoko offered to help him with his trouble through hypnotism and even helped him relax in a most surprising way. The hypnotic suggestion worked well enough that he easily beat up the gang that had tracked him down, but he also turned on Kyoko and ravaged her body. He woke up to find him having sex with her, but she wouldn't let him go. To make up for his actions under her hypnosis, she hires him to be her assistant with her experiments, and the side effects of this spell gave him an unexpected sex drive that can't be satiated.

Kyoko Kagami (加賀美 鏡子)

Kyoko Kagami
Kyoko Kagami

Kyoko Kagami is a young witch with the power to read people's thoughts through physical contact. She was trained by Master Alice in magic, but left to escape her lechery. Now, she's been researching hypnotism, but lacked a subject. She helped the cowardly Kaoru by using the spell she stole from Alice, but it had the side effect of making him a sexual beast. She hires Kaoru to be her assistant so she can research the spell further and refine the technique.

Sara Saionji (サラ・サイオンジ)

Sara Saionji
Sara Saionji

Sara Saionji is a young and petite witch of English and Arab descent who was a fellow disciple of Master Alice with Kyoko Kagami. She has the ability to take control of a person's body with eye contact. She can manipulate their body and actions out of their control, but are aware of their actions. She also ran away from Master Alice for manipulating her and Kyoko for her own perverse entertainment. Though, she still resents Kyoko for the time she molested her while under Alice's control. She was hired by some local yakuza to force Kyoko to help them with her precognition.

Megumi Miki (美木 めぐみ)

Megumi Miki
Megumi Miki

Megumi Miki is a popular high school aged model who's posed for various magazines and isn't as pure and innocent as her public persona would appear. She's a sexually insatiable woman who loves intense sex. Ryuji Kurosawa, a local yakuza officer, promised her a big role in their latest TV show if she could seduce Kaoru to his office so they could hold him hostage to lure Koyko to cooperate. She thought the innocent Kaoru would be an easy seduction, but seriously underestimated both the size of his equipment and sexual appetite. Though she failed in her job. She believes Kaoru and her were destined to be together.

Master Alice (マスター・アリス)

Master Alice
Master Alice

Master Alice is the magical master who instructed Kyoko and Sara. She trained them in various disciplines, and she's aware of Kyoko's mind reading abilities. She felt betrayed when the girls ran away due to perverse antics. She only saw it as a healthy interest in growing young girls. After she discovered the uninhabited island of Kyoko, she set up a base there knowing she would one day return. Alice has the ability to use magic to manipulate her own age. Though she's in her fifties, she appears to be a young girl. She has a special magical ring that she wears over her clitoris to enhance her powers.

Ryuji Kurosawa (苦露澤 龍璽)

Ryuji Kurosawa
Ryuji Kurosawa

Ryuji Kurosawa is the local leader of the yakuza front company Yamamoto Industries. After hearing of the rumors about Kyoko Kagami's precognitive powers, he wanted them for his own purposes to grow his criminal empire. After hiring Kyoko's rival, Sara Saionji, failed. He tried hiring the model Megumi Miki to seduce Kyoko's assistant, Kaoru.

Book # Name Rating Release Date
March 31, 2008
General Information Edit
English Name Witchcraft
Japanese Name: Witchcraft (ういっちくらふと)
Romaji: Uicchikurafuto
Publisher Akaneshinsha
Start Year 2008
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