Witchblade Flick Needs Script

Topic started by gia on May 12, 2009. Last post by HeeroYuy 5 years, 9 months ago.
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This may be a bit of a stretch, but hey, there are a Witchblade anime and manga now, so why not?

Newsarama talks up Top Cow's Matt Hawkins about the live-action Witchblade movie that's supposed to be in the works, and the lack of movement on the project. Hawkins responds that it's not the economy that's keeping the movie down-- it's the script.

“We simply do not yet have a script yet that we all like. We had a window to go into production that has clearly passed but the project is very much alive and kicking. I don’t think I’ll lay out any dates at this point given the delays but we’re in the process of working with a new writer.”

Of course the writer isn't, only referred to as “she,” but it's nice to see that Top Cow wants to make sure the script isn't dependent entirely on the fanservice that Witchblade tends to be known for, at least in my anime-filled mind (I've never read the American comics).

Those of you who've watched the anime, read the manga, and/or read the American comics: what do you think? What kind of Witchblade movie would you watch?
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Was there even a script for the anime? All I saw was big boobs bouncing around and fighting. Sounds like the makings of a summer blockbuster to me.
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FYI--- The anime isn't exactly that much of a change from the comic book. It was born of the "Bad Girls" era of Vampirella and Lady Death [who also had an anime], and was also a good string of respectable writers/artists [with a large chunk actually written by a woman, Christina Z].  Still, the anime and manga's depictions of the costume don't stray far from it's origin, and the comic was very much so about fanservice . Haven't read much of it, but it's still a decently sized franchise, and I imagine the anime's sales were helped by the comics fandom.

There was already a Witchblade TV movie and a 2 season TV series, which ended partly due to it's star's personal problems. Though due to a TV budget/adaption choices, Sara Pezzini's costume never matched the comics.

I wouldn't mind seeing an adaption of the Medieval Witchblade. There's lots of Witchblade settings to choose from since the weapon itself can have different bearers [Sara's in the main comics and TV series, and assorted minis and sidestories with others like the anime]
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Why waste the time and money...
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