Winters Sokaro

Winters Sokaro is a anime/manga character in the D.Gray-Man franchise
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The most violent of the five Black Order generals.


Winters was originally from Mexico. He was a death-row inmate for an as of yet, not revealed charge. However, he was freed of his charges on the condition that he joined the Black Order, which he did, eventually becoming one of the 5 Generals of the Organization. Before he was introduced into the story, his team which consisted of Suman Dark, Kazana Reed and Chalker Laboun were all killed by the same Noah, Tyki Mikk.


Winters Sokaro is a supportive protagonist created by Hoshino Katsura for the series, D.Gray-Man



Winters Sokaro
Winters Sokaro

Winters is a giant of a man, standing at 205 centimeters (6 feet 9 inches) tall and weighs close to 300 pounds (277 lbs or 126 kg). His teeth are serrated, most likely done artificially, coupled with an abnormally long tongue. He has dark skin and black hair which is styled in a zigzag type of design towards the front and is slicked back. He wears Gold earrings with red designs. Often Sokaro wears a menacing mask helmet that obscures most of his face.


Winters is a rather ruthless man. He relishes in combat, getting a disturbing satisfaction in slaying his victims and does not care for his companion. He even insulted them in their caskets as being useless. He has even killed his own men before albeit with justified reasoning. He frightens his fellow Exorcists although men like his fellow General Cross Marian are not intimidated.


Cloud Nyne - It's not particularly clear if their relationships is a deep one, but they paid their respects to their men together. They are also both Generals of the Black Order.

Story Arcs

Black Order Invasion Arc

Winters attended the Black Order Elite Meeting, however didn't seem to have any input. He is next seen when their headquarters was was attacked by the Noah Lulu Bell and a group of level 3 Akuma. The 4 Generals arrived at to the scene of Allen Walker and Bookman trying to deal with them all but were being overwhelmed. Winters was the first to jump in of the Generals, targeting the Giant Akuma consisting of multiple Level 3 Akuma. He used his Innocence "Madness" and slashed the monster viciously, laughing in enjoyment as he did so.

After quickly making a heap of Akuma bodies and instructing General Cross not to get his way, Lulu Bell took Miranda Lotto hostage and threatened her heath if she were not allowed to leave with the Akuma Egg, which was her target all along. Winters attacked anyway although he failed to land a hit. He and General Cross and General Cloud Nyne all agreed that Miranda would simply have to accept being a sacrifice and all 3 Generals attacked at once. Even though they saw Allen Walker attempting a split second rescue of Miranda, they still did not hesitate. Winters remarked at how little Cross cared for his own pupil which was akin to how Winters treated his own men, they both Generals Winters and Cross laughed together at their horrible natures.

Despite defeating the level 3 Akuma, pushing Lulu Bell back and destroying the Akuma Egg, the arrival of a level 4 Akuma turned the time and it knocked all the Generals down into the earth with it's frightening punch. However, the Generals made another appearance in time. Winters blocking the Akuma's path when it tried to escape and Lenalee Lee dealing it's death blow. Then Cross came and shot it in the face, ending what little life force it had left.

Destruction of the Black Order Arc

Winters was simply taking a peaceful bath alongside his fellow General Froi Tiedoll, yet somehow he was infected by the artificially created and accidentally released Komuvitan D Virus. This drug made those infected particularly violent and hostile, perhaps none more so than the already ruthless Sokaro. Wearing only his bath towel, Winters crashed through the wall and began attacking Allen Walker and some of the other members of the Order. Knowing who Winters was, Allen was abandoned by his friends as he was considered a dead man walking. Eventually the other Generals are affected as well and began chasing Allen and the other exorcists. Despite Komui Lee, the creator of the vaccine having an anti-virus for it, the berserk Sokaro destroyed it. It was only with Asian Branch Chief Bak Chan's arrival that the ailments were cured.

Third Exorcist Arc

Winters Sokaro is assigned to Russia along with his new team, Miranda Lotto, Arystar Krory III and Kiredori. The took on the Noah Jasdevi and Tryde. Later when engaged against Alma Karma, Kiredori became infected by him. In swift response, Winters cut down and killed his own man. But during the fight the Noah stopped to tell Winters that the 14th Noah had just been awaken inside of Allen Walker by Exorcist Yuu Kanda.

Powers & Abilities

As a General, Winters Sokaro has achieved 100% Synchronization with his Innocence. This is something that only 6 exorcists alive have achieved outside of Sokaro himself. Needless to say, he is an Elite among the Exorcists in both rank and power.



Madness Invoked
Madness Invoked

In normal form, Madness takes to form of a ring split into two pieces. Either piece rests on Winters' shoulders until he invokes it with the command "Torture". the two parts combine into one ring. Once combined, the center of the rings begins to glow orange like fire and two large serrated blades, each bigger than the typical sword form on opposite ends. Winters can use it easily for close range combat as he can spin the double bladed weapon with ease. It could take out numerous level 3 Akuma with ease.


Cremation Dance

Winters spins Madness at very high speed. It quickly builds up heat and when thrown, it not only cuts but melts right through the likes of Akuma.

Rank Game #83 in Power Rank
General Information Edit
Name: Winters Sokaro
Name: ウィンターズ・ソカロ
Romanji: Wintāzu Sokaro
Gender: Male
1st manga book: D.Gray-man #7
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie:
Aliases Winters Zokalo
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