Winter Sonata Hits a Cold Spell?

Topic started by gia on Oct. 19, 2009. Last post by sunflower 5 years, 5 months ago.
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Word on Zakzak (via Japanator) is that Winter Sonata, the upcoming anime based on a live-action Korean drama (and starring the original Korean live-action cast, even), may be in trouble-- noting first off that the anime, which did air its first episode on the 17th, only has three episodes completed.

Apparently the star, Bae Yong Joon, has been in poor health, and also requested that changes be made to the first episode, resulting in a slow-down of the entire process. Some of you already know that anime is typically not created far in advance, with an episode usually completing only a matter of days-- if that --prior to its air time. (This is also part of what makes simulcasting such a difficult process.)

That brings me to another interesting point, and permit me to note here that this is entirely speculation on my part. But back when Crunchyroll was announcing its fall anime lineup, one of the unknown titles had its announcement date altered to "TBD" (to be determined). I can't help but wonder if perhaps this title was Winter Sonata, and that the delay resulted in problems with its simulcast?

There also aren't really any more anime series this season that haven't aired-- nothing but OVAs and Ben 10 until December, in fact --although it's always possible that they've had to delay the announcement of another title that's already airing, of course.

So, in other words, it could be, but it might not, so take my thoughts with a grain of salt!
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Guess I might reconsider watching Winter Sonata for now then. And with how subpar things are looking with Sasameki Koto, I might not be watching anything from the fall lineup for too much longer.
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I was hoping they'd get Winter Sonata over there.  Maybe they'll pull it off eventually.  Or hey, maybe they'll get us an OVA in its place, like Ai no Kusabi.  (OK probably not lol...)
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