Winter Days!

Winter Days! is an anime episode of K-On! that was released on 06/25/2009

Plot Summary

The episode begins with the girls all doing different things on their own. Yui is the last the enter the music room and complains about the cold weather. She places her hands on Ritsu's cheeks and comments on how warm her cheeks are. Yui says it's too cold to play guitar; she attempts to play wearing gloves and finds it impossible. Yui suggests the girls have a hotpot party at her house on Sunday. The other girls decline, all having planned activities for the day.

The girls walk home from school together. Not long after they start, Mugi says she has to leave to do something. The girls then go their respective ways. Azusa and Yui walk together for a short while. Azusa tells Yui she has to leave to go to a toy store. Yui wants to tag along, but Azusa says she'll be fine on her own. Mio and Ritsu walk together. Mio notices Ritsu acting a little spaced out. She pulls Ritsu back to reality, and Ritsu acts normal again.

At home, Azusa pulls out a cat toy she bought. She is looking after a classmate's pet cat. Mugi learns how to clock in for the the first time at her first job in restuarant. Yui is sleepily curled up in bed under the blankets. Ritsu lays on her bed thinking. She pulls out a paper with words written on it and begins reading. Her brother interrupts her thinking, asking if she's ready to go.

Azusa sits together on the couch with the kitten. Mugi begins working and is complimented on her stellar service. Mio arrives at the beach and tries to start writing a new song. At the grocery store, Yui and Ui decide what ingredients to buy for a hotpot. She texts all the girls asking if they prefer a marshmallow soy milk or chocolate curry hotpot.

Mio is too cold at the beach and can't think of a song. She wonders what her friends are doing. Ritsu walks home from the movies with her brother. One of her brother's friends runs into them and invites him over to another friend's house. Ritsu gives her brother permission to go. Mugi makes a mistake at her job and panics. The little kitten Azusa is watching begins to make coughing, choking sounds. Ritsu thinks the paper she read must have been a love letter. The girls simultaneously receive Yui's text message.

Azusa calls Yui in a panic asking what to do about the kitten. Yui and Ui quickly go over to her house. It turns out, the kitten was merely coughing up a hair ball. Yui reads the responses to her text from Ritsu, Mugi, and Mio. Everyone meets up the next day at the restaurant Mugi works at. Yui asks her friends not to become grown ups and leave her. Mio then asks Ritsu for her opinion on the lyrics she (Mio) put in her mailbox. Ritsu begins yelling at Mio, shaking her, and telling her not to do such things.

At the next practice all the girls gather around Mugi to feel her warm hands. Mugi comments on Azusa's tiny hands. Mio bemoans the fact that she has cold, large hands. Yui tells Mio people with cold hands have warm hearts. Hearing that, Mugi puts her hands on the cold window. Yui tells Mugi everything about her is warm. The girls sit down to tea and snacks. They discuss future plans for performing at Budokan and agree they should all practice and do their best.

Characters & Voice Actors

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