Winry Rockbell

Winry Rockbell is a anime/manga character in the Fullmetal Alchemist franchise
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Winry Rockbell is the childhood friend of Edward and Alphonse Elric. She's a skilled automail mechanic and designer who lost both her doctor parents.


Winry with Edward and Alphonse as children
Winry with Edward and Alphonse as children

Winry Rockbell is the daughter of two skilled doctors from the small eastern town of Resembool, Urey and Sara Rockbell. Her best friends were Edward and Alphonse Elric. When their home nation of Amestris went to war with Ishval due to the civil war, Winry's parents went to be doctors after the military came to them due to a shortage of doctors. When events dragged on and broke down, most doctors fled the battlefield, but they stayed to treated all sides. Tragically, the two were both killed during the war. She was then raised by Pinako, her grandmother and an automail expert.

Winry meets Riza Hawkeye
Winry meets Riza Hawkeye

Edward and Alphonse both became distant after their death of their mother Trisha. They were both incredibly skilled in alchemy, and eventually left to study under an alchemy teacher. After they returned, they tried to resurrect their mother. This attempt backfired. Edward lost his right arm and left leg, and Alphonse lost his body. Edward was able to body Al's soul to a suit of armor to save him. Winry assisted in the surgery to save Ed from bleeding out. Not long after, two soldiers from the Amestris State Military came to visit. The commander Roy Mustang had come to recruit Ed for the State Alchemist, and Winry sat with his subordinate, Riza Hawkeye. She was scared that they were there to take Ed and Al away, but Riza assured her that they weren't there to force anything. Winry hated soldiers due to losing her parents in the war, and asked Riza why she fought. She answered that it was to protect something. The two left, then Ed elected to have automail. Winry helped her grandmother with the surgery and instillation. Once he completed rehabilitation, he and his brother burned their family home down and left to join the State Alchemists. Winry stayed in Resembool to train with her grandmother to be a skilled automail engineer.


Fullmetal Alchemist Vol. 3 JPN (Sept 2002)
Fullmetal Alchemist Vol. 3 JPN (Sept 2002)

The character of Winry Rockbell is a supporting character in the Fullmetal Alchemist series that was created by Hiromu Arakawa. The series first began serialization in Monthly Shonen Gangan on August 2001.

Her first appearance was in Fullmetal Alchemist Volume 3 CH. 9 " A Home with a Family Waiting", and her first anime appearance was in Fullmetal Alchemist - Episode 1 "To Challenge the Sun". Her character in the Japanese series had two separate voice actresses for the two different anime series. In the first FMA series is voiced by Megumi Toyoguchi, and in FMA: Brotherhood she is voiced by Megumi Takamoto. The U.S. dub of both series produced by FUNimation is done by Caitlin Glass.

Character Evolution

With most people, Winry is kind, thoughtful, and cheerful. With Ed Elric, her long-time crush, she can be a little bit tsundere-- violently beating him with a wrench or her fist, whichever is handier, if he ticks her off. In spite of her aggression, she cares deeply for Ed, and for Al as well. She is a superb mechanic and is always attempting to improve her skills.

Major Story Arcs

Adventures in the East

Winry was working at home on some automail parts when her grandmother called out to her from outside. Edward had returned home. He was accompanied by another soldier named Alex Louis Armstrong. Her happiness of his return turned to rage and she tossed her wrench at his head for not calling if he was returning for maintenance. Her anger turned to shock when she realized his entire right arm was missing, and Al's armored-body was also broken. It had been shattered to bits, but he wouldn't give any details. He was checked, and had grown in the time of his installation. He required new automail for both his arms and legs. It took three days of long hours to construct, and she worked on his arm. She made this model of steel with a higher percentage of chrome to help prevent rusting. Once attached, he went out to repair his brother's body with alchemy, and began some heavy combat training.

That night after dinner, Edward fell asleep on the sofa, and Al told them about their adventures of the people they had been helping. She stayed in bed for longer due to her all nighters, but woke up to say goodbye as Ed, Al, and Major Armstrong left. She went back to bed and slept through the rest of the day. She went to clean up her work table, and found a bolt she had forgotten to put into Ed'a arm.

It was later when Winry got a call from Edward. His automail arm had failed on him and he needed her to come to Central City for maintenance. She was worried that it was her fault, because she forgot the bolt. She came to Central without protest by train and was greeted by Major Armstrong. She was taken to the hospital, where Edward was being treated. She was guilt ridden thinking that her mistake was the reason he had been injured in a fight he had, but she realized from the way he was talking that he didn't realizes the missing bolt. Her mood changed that she hadn't been caught, she repaired his arm, and installed the bolt. Their conversation was soon interrupted by the appearance of Maes Hughes and two bodyguards for Ed. He refused to tell her why he needed bodyguards.

She needed a place to say for the night and Mr. Hughes dragged her to his place to stay with his wife, Gracia; and daughter, Elicia. It as his daughter's birthday. She bonded with his daughter. During the party, she complained to Mr.s Hughes how Edward and Al always seem to keep her at a distance, but he told her that she was the one they will always come to when they need someone. Al was acting distant, and she walked in on the the two brothers during their confrontation. Al thought he was just a brother who was created by Edward. Ed walked off, and Winry beat Al with her wrench. She told him the story of how Ed was so scared his his brother would hate him for bonding his soul to he armor. She then ordered Al to go apologize to Ed.

Journey to the South

After the brothers made up, she overheard their plans to travel south to Dublith to see their alchemy teacher Izumi Curtis. She discovered Rush Valley was on the way, and begged Ed to take her with her and pay her travel expenses. She called her grandmother about her plans, and they boarded the train together. On the trip, they shared an apple pie Gracia Hughes had made for them. She had also taught her the recipe.

In Rush Valley, Ed's silver pocket watch was stolen by a girl with automail legs named Paninya. They got to watch back, but she wanted to meet her automail mechanic. They met Dominic, his son, Ridel; and Ridel's pregnant wife, Satera. Winry asked Dominic for tips on automail and asked to be his apprentice, but he refused. Before they could leave, a terrible storm struck and they had to stay till it cleared. She learned from Paninya how why Dominic made her legs, and convinced the girl to give up her pickpocketing ways. Satera soon went into labor. Dominic ran to get the doctor, and Winry stayed to deliver the child. To repay Winry for delivering his grandchild, he arranged for her to have a job with an automail mechanic in Rush Valley named Garfiel.

Stranger from Xing and the Return to Central

Other Media

Voiced by
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Megumi Toyoguchi
Caitlin Glass
Megumi Takamoto
General Information Edit
Name: Winry Rockbell
Name: ウィンリィ・ロックベル
Romanji: Winrī Rokkuberu
Gender: Female
1st manga book: Fullmetal Alchemist #3
1st anime episode: Fullmetal Alchemist #1
1st anime movie: Fullmetal Alchemist: Conqueror of Shamballa
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