Windows and Lights on Christmas Eve

Windows and Lights on Christmas Eve is an anime episode of The Pet Girl of Sakurasou that was released on 01/15/2013
Christmas Eve is the will be the night when truths are aired among the residents. But more than one person will have their heart broken.
— Crunchyroll

Plot Summary

At Sakura Hall, Misaki goes over the plans with Sorata and Nanami. Sorata goes to Mashiro's room and slips a note when there is no one there. He arrives to see a snack from Mashiro, and he shares it with Mashiro whose stomach growl. When Mashiro asks Sorata if he's angry, Sorata begins to raise his voice which frightens Mashiro. Once Mashiro runs off, Jin comes by and says he has heard everything. Over at Suiko, Nanami's friends tease her when they call her inviting Sorata to the play, a date. In the library, Soichiro finds Jin studying hard, and in their conversation, Jin mentions that he truly loves Mashiro. Meanwhile, Misaki and Nanami are chatting where Misaki is picking the right bra. In the hallway, Chihiro tells Sorata that most things are not clear and that he has do something with Mashiro. Before she leaves, she informs him that she will lock up Sakura Hall because she goes to Australia. Everyone else has to go home.

On the day of Christmas Eve, Sorata and Mashiro leave Sakura Hall for the art exhibit. On the way there, he recalls Chihiro's words, and Mashiro asks him about the results for the exhibition. Over at the exhibition, Mashiro asks Sorata to say something, yet Sorata did not, leaving Mashiro all sad. In front of the fountain, Sorata is surprised at Nanami's new outfit. Meanwhile, Rita tries to talk to Akasaka, yet his Maid-Chan blocks him. In the streets, Nanami informs Sorata that she is auditioning, and if she does not pass, she has to go home back in Osaka. Nanami asks Sorata to listen to what she has to say. Before she can say anything, Sorata gets a call from Ayano about Mashiro. He runs off to the fountain where he finds Mashiro by herself. Mashiro gives Sorata a baumkuchen, and she asks him if he's mad. Sorata hugs Mashiro, and Mashiro explains she thinks about him a lot which makes her want to cook for him. Sorata comments that he hasn't kept his eyes off her because how hard she works on his manga. Meanwhile, Nanami listens to their conversations. She hands Sorata the letter, and Sorata asks her to help him with his presentation.

As Sorata, Mashiro, and Nanami arrive to Sakura Hall, they find Misaki all sad. Misaki cries that she wants to make Jin hurt her.


  • Japanese Name: "Fuyu no Ippo Temae de" (冬の一歩手前で)
  • Opening Theme: "I Call Your Name Again" by Mariko Nakatsu
  • Ending Theme: "Prime Number (Kimi to Deaeru Hi)" (Prime Number ~君と出会える日~) by Asuka Ookura

Characters & Voice Actors

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