Win... Or Lose

Win... Or Lose is an anime episode of IGPX that was released on 11/05/2005

Win...or Lose Episode 2

As Team Satomi has their first real match in the IG-1, facing Team Sledge Mamma with no unity whatsoever is biting off more than they can chew. As Takeshi tries to get his head back in the game, a lover from afar has a few encouraging words for him before he gets back on the track.

Plot Summary

Opening Theme

Go For It by Gran Rodeo

As lap one is underway between Team Sledge Mamma and Team Satomi, Sledge Mamma takes an early lead as Satomi's formation seems to be a little shaky. The reason behind this is that Takeshi and Liz continue to argue on who it is that is breaking formation and how to keep up properly with Amy and Luca trying to diffuse the two from arguing. In the pits, Michiru tells Mark to get ready for the battle round as she wonders how they will do on their first race. She asks Andrei for some pointers on what they can expect but he doesn't prove to be much help. He informs her that since they are too busy arguing as opposed to working with one another, they will be lucky to survive. However, he says that even if he were to tell them something they probably would continue to argue no matter what.

Both teams finish lap one as they go into lap two which is the battle round. Yamma is excited as he has been waiting all this time to finally put Satomi in their place. He goes after Takeshi and proceeds to beat the tar out of his mech with his ribbon arms. Dimma also proves to be a harsh opponent as he is able to take out one of Liz's legs. The only person who shows that they are capable on their own is Amy against Timma as the yellow caution goes up. Benjamin Bright explains how during the caution, both teams can not surpass the caution line or battle it out since this is a time for repairs. Mark brings in a moving skeleton to fix Liz's mech while Takeshi asks Andrei for advice. He tells him to watch out for Yamma's ribbon arms, which is a little too late as Andrei points out that he needs to focus no matter what. The caution is lifted as Takeshi guns it for Yamma before the screen goes to black. The next scene shows Liz scolding Takeshi about something in the locker room claiming it was his fault about what happened today. Takeshi tries to blow it off as she continues to lay it in on him. Michiru comes by to break it up but Takeshi leaves before she can say anything, telling Liz to take it easy.

Benjamin Bright reports on Satomi's first amazing race
Benjamin Bright reports on Satomi's first amazing race

It is revealed that Sledge Mamma and Satomi tied at the end of the race as Takeshi and Liz were too damaged to continue. As a result, Amy was able to take the lead and first place and tie with the other three members of Sledge Mamma, something as Bright points out, hasn't happened in over eleven years. Takeshi tries to relax in the park but his mind continues to go back to the race as well as Yamma mocking him after the race. He wonders if he is cut out for the IG-1 as he tries to calm down by playing a video game. Fantine Valjean from Team Skylark gives him some encouragement and kisses him, saying she likes him.

Meanwhile, Jesse tries to cheer the team up by pointing out that no one expected them to tie and do so well, but no one seems to buy it. River tells her that it wasn't good to tie as he leaves. Liz continues to tell of Takeshi as she states that the midfielder isn't supposed to win but the forward is. They need him as much as he needs them while Amy tries to get her to settle down. Liz realizes that she is a bit too hard on Takeshi at times and maybe she should lighten up. Mark and Andrei have a similar conversation as Andrei tells him that he is proud that they are disappointed by the tie and will work harder next time. Takeshi also tells the group that they wouldn't have made it to the IG-1 if they weren't good enough for it as the group agrees. Liz and Takeshi also make up but not without poking fun at one another first.

Andrei briefs the team on how Black Egg operates
Andrei briefs the team on how Black Egg operates

The next day, Andrei goes over Team Black Egg and its three members Ricardo Montazio, Glass Jones, and Grant McKain and tells them that their group specializes in defense rather than offense to gain the win. At the same time, Michiru is trying to nab a sponsorship with various companies but no one wants to sponsor the underdog. The team watches some videos of Black Egg racing and realize they have to bump up their game. Michiru walks in to explain that everyone thinks they are not worthy enough to win but their fans think they are. Takeshi also notes that they should simply have fun as everyone gets pumped and motivated for the race against Black Egg.

Ending Theme

Believe Yourself by Exige

Race Results

Amy Stapleton & Luca-Satomi-Midfielder1st15
Yamma-Sledge Mamma-Forward2nd7
Dimma-Sledge Mamma-Defender3rd5
Timma-Sledge Mamma-Midfielder4th3
Takeshi Jin-Satomi-ForwardN/A*0
Liz Ricarro-Satomi-DefenderN/A*0

*Denotes that racer did not finish the race. As a result, no points were awarded.

Final Score

Winner: None

Team Sledge Mamma: 15

Team Satomi: 15

Team Satomi Track Record: 2049 Season

0 Wins 0 Loses 1 Tie

Characters & Voice Actors

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Yoshitaka Koyama Episode Director
Mitsuru Hongo Writer


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