Negima! #19 - Win Or Die!

is a manga book published by Kodansha that was released on 09/09/2008

Plot Summary

Negima! Magister Negi Magi - Vol.19 Win Or Die!

The Negima Club is formed and Asuna gives up time from her summer to undergo special training from Evangeline that is either win or freeze to death.



A list and general description of many of the most common Honorifics in the Japanese language.

A Word from the Author

Ken Akamatsu talks about how Negima! is going to become a live action drama, the summer chapters starting in this volume.

169th Period - Is It a Dream, a Reality, or an Illusion!?

Asuna awakens from an amazing dream, and with the help of Ayaka. A new Mahora Club is formed.

170th Period - Out of Control Club Chairman Test

The Negi Club is formed to assist Negi in searching for his lost father, but their Dark Master club adviser has a wicked test for Asuna. She must fight Negi.

171st Period - Death Study

Evangeline allows Asuna to take on the same training she game Negi in a land of snow, ice, and death; but she's not intended to succeed.

172nd Period - Death Study Part 2

Asuna struggles through four more days of this frozen hell. Even facing death, Asuna refuses to give in to Eva.

173rd Period - Endless Death Study

The rest of the girls continue their training in Eva's Resorts, the new Negi Love ranking is out, and Asuna faces the final day of her conditioning.

174th Period - The Key Word is "Father"

Yuna Akashi faces that she may be losing her father to some other woman, but not without one last date first.

175th Period - A Single Frame of a Youthful Summer

Tales of summer fun for class 3-A.

Sayo is bored.

Mana and Kaede's movie ticket match.

Dark Nodoka

Chachamaru 2.0

Natsumi Murakami's day out.

Ako Izumi's photo shoot.

176th Period - Club Negima (Temporary Name) Growing in Numbers

The Negima Club is official and the word is spreading through out the rest of 3-A.

177th Period - Dead or Alive

With the word finally out. On the eve of the summer festival, Eva challenges the rest of 3-A to join the new Negi Club if they can defeat any of the current members.

Fan Art Corner

Four pages of fan drawn postcards and letters.

3D Backgrounds Explanation Corner

Discussion and explanation of the 3D models used in the background of the series

This Volume:

  • Lebens Schuld Castle
  • Yuna's House
  • Girls' Dormitory Lobby
  • Summer Festival
  • Hand Bell
  • Ala Rubra Club Member Pin Badges

Character Rough Sketches

Character design sketches and notes for:

Yuna Akashi

Lexicon Negimarium

Full list of the meaning of the spells or other Latin phrases used in this volume.

This Volume:

  • (Let hundreds and thousands combine, run forth lightening. THOUSAND LIGHTENING BOLTS)
  • lux
  • elementa aerialis, venti spirantes cito adeuntes ab inimicis meis defandant LIMES AERIALES
  • Diaria Ejus Minora Quadrupla adeant tumcogitaiones vestigent de Makie Sasaki, Yuna Akashi, Akira Okichi, Ako Izumi

Class Roster

The full class roster of Negi's class 3-A.

Cover Concept Sketches

The concept sketches and notes for both the front and back covers.

Back Cover: Natsumi Murakami

Translation Notes

If there is something that requires alterations or a Japanese phrase/joke needs explaining. The translators explains things here.


  • Yakitori eaters
  • Negipa
  • Inferno aniki
  • HP and MP
  • Donet and Akashi's conversation
  • VA: Mamiko Noto

About the Creator

A brief description of series creator Ken Akamatsu.


No Preview

There is no preview of Volume 20 in this volume.

Card Sheets

Not listed in the Table of Contents. The very last page of this volume contained a page of four, full-colored, removeable mini-cards of the Pactio Cards for Asuna, Konoka, Setsuna, and Nodoka.

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