Who Will Be the Next Wiki Editor with 100,000 Points?

Topic started by takashichea on May 8, 2012. Last post by Dekken 2 weeks, 1 day ago.
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Hello Anime Vice!

I was wondering who will be the next wiki editor with 100,000 points, the 11th member. Since June 24, 2011, sickVisionz is our 10th wiki editor who has reached 100,000 wiki points.

Who do you guys and gals think will be the next wiki editor with 100,000 wiki points?!


  • Before I became a member at Anime Vice, there were 7 wiki editors who have reached 100,000: FoxxFireArt, Obsidian609, Juuhachi, Gia, Kas, Devilly (Kelleth's persona), and RedRoses. I don't know who got 100,000 wiki points before who.
  • According to Sonata, Devilly is the first wiki editor to reached 100,000 points. Then, RedRoses came 2nd while Gia came 3rd.
  • Sonata's speculation: Juuhachi, Obsidian609 and Kas in that order. This leaves FoxxFireArt to be the 7th editor.
  • On May 30, 2011, Annabanana reached 100,000 points and became the 8th editor.
  • On June 5, 2011, Takashichea became the 9th editor.
  • On June 24, 2011, sickVisionz became the 10th editor.

For 100 grand above:

  • I reached 300,000 one day after Wales, June 1, 2012.

Let's have some friendly competition, everyone!

Go Anime Vice!

11th Place Wiki Editor

Date: May 28, 2012

12th Place Wiki Editor

Date: May 31, 2012

13th Wiki Editor

I forgot to write the date for Egan. I'm so sorry.

14th Editor

Date: 8-25-12

15th Editor

Date: 2-24-2013

16th Editor

Date: 5-13-13

17th Editor

Date: July 9, 2013

18th Editor

Date: August 9, 2013

19th Editor


Date: 11-11-2013

20th Editor

Date: December 31, 2014

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If I remember right I think Devilly was the first to get 100,000 points on this site. 
I think ShadowKnight will be the next to join the group, but it will be close.
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Thanks Sonata. I updated the blog.

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@takashichea: Welcome I believe RedRoses was second and Gia was third. All three of them reached it very quickly in 2009. My memory is a bit foggy after that. I want to say it was Juuhachi, Obsidian609, and Kas in that order next. 
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The next step after 100,000 is clearing what I call the Deadman Wonderland of non-acive wiki users that is Gia, Kas, Devilly, and RedRoses. I'll be super happy when the Top 10 users for Wiki points are all active wiki editors. It is kinda cool though that they are like this back-to-back immovable nearly 40,000 point wall that everyone has to climb to enter the promise land. Their numbers not moving makes constant progress a possibility for those trying to get over them.

My thoughts on who will cross it first: *note, I don't know any of these guys and all of this is based off of casual observation over my time as a wiki editor*

Top Contenders


He has slowed down and could possibly get overtaken, but I know he's the type to go tome on a page and get like 5,000 points in a single day. He is my number one pick because of his explosiveness, but I think someone with a slow and steady approach could quietly beat him if he isn't careful.


I'm not familiar with Egan on the forums and I don't follow the shows that he edits, but I was aware of him as a major wiki editor even before I became a wiki mod. What that means for me is that his name is consistently popping up in wiki related things, meaning that he's steadily putting in work. For some of the shows and franchises that he does, I think he's pretty much the only person editing them but once he commits and regularly edits them. His stability coupled with dedication is what I think help him when it comes to getting 100 first. I think he and Daniel are similar in that they are constantly working, but I think Egan might do bigger point total edits, which give him an advantage.

Still in the Race


I think Doc is one of those quiet editors tolling away in the dark. Like Egan, he's one of the editors that I think people are aware of because he's constantly doing things here and there. Maybe it's because we have similar taste in shows that we end up editing, but I see Doc's name all over the place when I'm editing. I remember the first time I really took notice to his work is when I editing Cat Planet Cuties. I saw his name on the main series but there weren't that many points by it so I figured maybe he just made the page. When I went to the individual episodes though, that's when I saw the real work DocHaus does. Ever since then I've thought of him as like a silent stealth ninja editor who you don't see coming. I think he has a shot, but it's a long one as Egan would have to lose his stability and Shadow would have to stay quiet.


I'm not intimately familiar with series that he really dedicates himself to whole hog, but just from doing my own edits and and browsing around when I notice that the main image for a series has changed (a sign that an episode was edited), I think he does a lot of associations and small point things. His total number is higher than the other two and he's more active, but I think he's getting small points per edit, which is good for the site but not for a race to 100k.

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Awesome insight! To add to your observations:


DocHaus is a foundation type of wiki editor. When a new anime comes, he lays down the "bricks" by doing a couple of episodes and characters. Then, he moves on to another franchise. He is known for his plot summaries and franchise work such as UN-GO episode: 0 movie.

Ex: Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka, Sket Dance, and Blue Exorcist (last year)

This year, he is working on the sequel to Kore wa Zombie and Jormungand. He's famous for doing wiki work on notorious disturbing franchises like Seikon no Qwaser. You check out his volume summaries as well as episodes, too.


EganTheVile loves working on old school anime that has been revived like Voltron, GI Joe, and ThunderCats. Usually, I see him working on Tranformers with Buhssuht and Obsidian609. He's a hard working editor.


I know his wiki style a lot. For his anime/manga preferences, I have a hard time describing it. He loves serious, class franchise, and at the same time, he gets into shonen shows like Fairy Tail. He is a balanced wiki editor who does detailed character pages as well as plot summaries for volumes and episodes.

Recent Episode/Volume Works: Deadman Wonderland Vol. 1-3, Eureka AO episodes, Legend of Korra Ep. 1-4, Eden of the East, Durarara!

Recent Character Pages: Korra, Azami Mido, Kida Masaomi, East of Eden characters


Recent Wiki Work: Pokemon, Fairy Tail, Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka? of the Dead, Waiting in the Summer with Geo, and My Little Pony (back in January with ScarletKittie)

Like DocHaus, he has a wide preference but with an emphasis on anime that have cute, sexy girls. I agree with your statements on his wiki style.


He would become the next editor with 100,000 when school is over. He is a guy who focuses on one thing at a time. I seen the wiki work he done. It's very detailed. Egan, Wales, and the others might have a chance to sneak by during this crucial month where all college students have finals.

His preferences are usually shonen anime like One Piece and Beelzebub, anime loaded with fan service, and occasionally hentai.

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If ShadowKnigh508 becomes super active, it will be easy win but I havent seen any edit coming from him. My bet is on Daniel and Egan are more of quantity than quality, not implying their wiki work is bad but they work on many wikis with few points rather than concentrating one wiki and earning more than couple hundred. DocHaus on the hand would get least 100 on wikis. So my bet is on DocHaus.

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Seems like Shadowknight and I are both considered the favorites... could go either way, I have done my share of big point edits too when the writing bug hits, and am presently trying to write at least a few paragraphs on all the blank Transformers character pages on top of working on various on-going and vintage series alike.
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UPDATE: I am now slightly in the lead
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Picture this everyone:

Sprinters: Wales and ShadowKnight508

Marathon Runners: EganTheVile1, DocHaus, and Daniel Newton

@EganTheVile1: @buhssuht: @sickVisionz: @Sonata:

Now, this is a race! Well, if someone has a great artistic skills, I'll be happy to replace this one.

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I've known Shadowknight since I started here. So I would like him to reach it.

Post by takashichea (16,591 posts) See mini bio Level 25

Man, I'm torn between betting between ShadowKnight508 (my Beelzebub teammate), EganTheVile1 (wiki editors who worked on taboo stuff), and Wales (he helped Anna and I during the Fairy Tail Wiki Madness Bounty tasks and other wiki projects). Sorry Wales and ShadowKnight508!

To make things fair, I vote for Egan!


Who did you bet on?


  • Egan: 1
  • ShadowKnight508: 2
  • DocHaus: 1
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@takashichea said:

@sickVisionz: Who did you bet on?

I'm going against my brain and sticking with my gut: Egan. Him vs Shadow is a real battle of slow but steady vs fast yet sporadic.

Post by ShadowKnight508 (5,358 posts) See mini bio Level 19

Well, I am personally pulling for Egan or DocHaus to reach 100,000 before I do so. Due to my commitments to college until the end of the month, I will not be doing hardly any wiki work until then. I might get some small work in every now and then, but until May 26th arrives, I will not be active like I once was in the Wiki Database.

@takashichea: @sickVisionz: Thanks for the support and positive words regarding my work. I miss the old days when I was knocking out between 3,000 to 5,000 points in a single day for a several day stretch (most notably when I was in my heyday of working on Sora no Otoshimono, Maid Bride, and Tsundero on the same days). Hopefully I can get back to my former self wiki-wise after college lets out.

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Same here, school is too much. I'm glad to see you back in the race. :)

Hopefully, my commentary was not too brutal.

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Come ShadowKnight, you can do it!!!!

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Me! I'll reach 100,000 wiki points!

Let's see, I have...


3573 points. -_-

Oh, um... that's great. Ima just uh, go...over there... ='(

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I remember working on the Ryuki page when reaching 100.000 But I forgot who was behind me in the correct order. sorry :)

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Thanks Kelleth. It's no biggie. I'm just curious.

I just chatted with Sonata and Kelleth. They had different answers. So far, both of them said Devilly is the first one.

  • Sonata's Speculation: RedRoses came 2nd while Gia came 3rd. Then, Juuhachi, Obsidian609 and Kas in that order. This leaves FoxxFireArt to be the 7th editor.
  • Kelleth via Twitter: Obsidian [2nd] and RedRoses I think. After that Gia and Kas. He mentions you were his rival at that time.

I need to hear your side of the story. For proof, I couldn't find anything in their blogs that mentions them celebrating their 100,000 point achievement.

Kelleth's Image
Kelleth's Image

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How the years have gone by.... Now, it's almost a whole year.

Top Users June 6, 2011
Top Users June 6, 2011

Here are dates I found.

Dates of Joining Anime vice - top Wiki Editors
Dates of Joining Anime vice - top Wiki Editors
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I just noticed that back then I was also the highest poster too. I captured that just before Sonata passed me post-wise.

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