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Goal: To inform Wiki Editors to start recording their wiki stuff using sickVisionz's google docs.

Ever since I posted the Wiki Editor Archive 2011, a lot of wiki editors saw a detailed list of all the projects they did. sickVisionz had this wonderful idea that made documenting projects a lot easier. He and I worked on the google docs since January 2012. I did PM my team about this project to work out the kinks and to voice improvements for it.

Now, it's the time to announce it.


**If you see your name in the spreadsheet, I did document a few pages of other wiki editors for a while to get the overall projects and themes. When school came in, I got behind and only recorded my work. I know it's time consuming, and everyone is busy. Please just record one page out of an anime, manga, movie, or franchise page you have working on for a while.

You should be able to access these links without having a gmail account. Contact sickVisionz or me if you have problems.

Thank you.

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Now this is a brilliant idea! I might have to look into this next weekend when I have a gap in my homework.

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Thank you for your support! I documented your High School wiki pages as well as Mr. XD, I believe.

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I need to bump this because we need more people documenting their work if they have time. Otherwise, I'll just take notes and go through the wiki submissions of every wiki editor in the community for this year's Wiki Editor Archive. (Though, I'm behind a bit in reporting what wiki editor is working on what)

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