My "Walpurgis Night" Rampage of Anime Vice and Screened

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As implied on my other blog on Screened, I made a real monstrocity that literally surfaced on "Walpurgis Night" (The night between April 30 and May 1st) following an almost all-day wiki editing rampage on there and Anime Vice. It was my way of celebrating it since I live in the US instead of Europe (Where it happens to be celebrated). Here's my rampage in a nutshell...

Added and Fixed on Anime Vice

The Walpurgis Night AWOKE! I placed it on the episodes of Madoka Magica where it appeared.

Fixed up Kozue Kaoru's Page (Which I'll give an article later)

Added on Screened

There was a Concert Film/Documentary involving a total of 32 single K-Pop artists (Three groups, a duo and two solo artists) that will also have a festival premiere in the US (Los Angeles is a lucky city. :[ ), so I added it and it became the OTHER monster that I made alongside AV's Walpurgisnacht.

I also added three more Utena characters in the database (Miki, Kozue and Juri) as well as the Sword of Dios. Articles on them will come soon after I'm done with the "Student Council Arc".

One of the shows that are being legally streamed on Crunchyroll was added. However, I didn't add an an "Useful Links" to Screened's version of "Mysterious Girlfriend X" because I honestly didn't know if adding the Crunchyroll link to the article was actually legit or not. A Hulu link's okay, though (same goes with the Anime Vice Article).

I wanted to add MUCH more on both sites, but I have a current project for that anyway and I still got School.


AV's Views for the Walpurgis and Kozue
AV's Views for the Walpurgis and Kozue
Screened&squot;s Views for "I AM."
Screened's Views for "I AM."

Thank you for all those views! You've made me very proud and I vie to make you proud back with my current project! <3 Comments on the matter are also welcome except for the spam ones. Those are the monsters that aren't welcome.

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I have a question, is Walpurgis Night female? Since it was made from a Magical Girl and it have a female body. (that always bug me)

Anyway, great job

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Congrats BigHeart711! I don't understand how the popular forum views are based on.

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@takashichea: Apperantly, the more views a specific page has, it will most likely turn up in the "Popular Forums" part. (Characters for AV, Movies, Shows and People for Screened.) The Walpurgis for example made it to 2nd place (If a battle thread was placed between that and The 1st place entry, Kanako Sumiyoshi, it would've been highly illegal because she's a normal human).

@Destinyheroknight: On that thought, you're right. That's definitely a chick. I'll make some corrections right away.

Thanks, you two! :)

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