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Hello, Anime Vice!

I'm Takashichea, a member of many wiki editing teams such as Team W.I.K.I. Nation which first focused on Sket Dance franchise. Today, I share a glimpse of what life is like in the Wikia community. Here is a list of communities that I have joined and help work and edited their pages along with other community members. I will follow up with another blog to list the features of the wiki editing systems for both communities.

These dates are when I joined their community.

  1. Beelzebub Wikia - January 29, 2012
  2. Fairy Tail Wikia - January 29, 2012
  3. Sket Dance Wikia - February 2, 2012
  4. Rave Master Wikia - February 22, 2012

Oversight Differences

When you compared Anime Vice to Wikia communities, Anime Vice covers a broad spectrum of anime and manga, and the Wikia communites cover one specific franchise. Generally, the Wikia communities have more detailed wiki pages because their scope is narrow. It's challenging for Anime Vice whose scope is so broad. That is why most of our wiki pages are empty, but on the bright side, this attracts new people to help fill out those pages.

My Experiences

Now for joining a wikia community, I pretty just jumped and edited some of their pages without reading their policies. The admins tell me about their rules such as adding fair use template to their images. You can't just add random images. One of the hard things getting used as a wiki editor over is the use of code. At first, you can get confused with their coding some. Some communities use the visual editor, and some don't. The visual editor is similar to what we used in Anime Vice. Also, they use template boxes for their pages. Anime Vice does have some sort of template box, but it's not detailed or versatile like theirs. These templates boxes help organize the wiki pages. They contain Japanese names, Romaji, Seiyuu, and miscellaneous info that is niche specific to a Wikia community. For example, in Sket Dance Wikia, they have height, weight, class, and more. One of things I liked is the preview button. In Anime Vice, glitches are common. The preview button allows you see what your work would looked like and show you what links would work. This is extremely helpful when you work with codes.

Wikia Communities' Atmosphere

These are my opinions how I viewed each community, and I explained what roles I'm taking in each community.

Big City Wikia Communities

Fairy Tail Wikia
Fairy Tail Wikia
  • Fairy Tail Wikia - It's a bustling wikia community that has a large population of wiki editors who form several teams called guilds to tackle different parts of the community. It's easy to get lost in their community and hard to find a page to edit due to the teams. New wiki editors are tossed in the fray, and the admins are very fast and help them to get adjusted. A lot of times, new wiki editors like myself upload images and violate the image policies. The image policy is very strict on Fairy Tail wikia, but it doesn't pop out at you when you add images normally. That is why I seen many new people get warnings or reminders on their talk pages. Besides the strict policies, it's a very tight knit community. The guilds know each other really well.
  • Fairy Tail Wikia Cont. - For entertainment, they do special blogs called the Sorcerer's Magazine where they talked about the Fairy Tail anime and manga. It's one of the best Wikia communities I seen that caters to an anime/manga franchise. Otaku Chick (aka Otabear) does the weekly Fairy Tail reports where many people comment on her blogs. Her blogs and the Sorcerer's Magazine are the main attractions in this community. I'm more of a roaming wiki editor since their pages are mostly filled out. Overall, the atmosphere is quite pleasant, and their wiki editing is very competitive. You'll have fun over there with their community polls, badges, GIFs, and other things.
Beelzebub Wikia
Beelzebub Wikia
  • Beelzebub Wikia - It's less busy and smaller than Fairy Tail's community and has less strict policies. There are no official teams like they have in Fairy Tail Wikia. They don't have a image licensing policy yet. They are a strong community with passionate admins. For new wiki editors, it's easy to find a job here. When I was there, I worked on the episode wiki pages without trouble. In fact, people helped me with the codes and policies. For entertainment, they don't have a strong forum/ or blog presence. We, wiki editors, are so focused on doing the wiki work. Many of us are in high school and college. That is one of the main issues we, Anime Vice folks face, too. I'm not that active in Beelzebub Wikia because I have to work more in Anime Vice, Sket Dance Wikia, and Rave Master Wikia. Overall, the atmosphere of Beelzebub wikia is friendly and a bit quiet.

Small Town Wikia Communities

Sket Dance Wikia
Sket Dance Wikia
  • Sket Dance Wikia - Just like Anime Vice, it is like a small town, but it has potential to grow and blossom into a bustling community since the anime and manga is still ongoing. The wiki activity is quite slower than Fairy Tail and Beelzebub. This is the community I devoted most of my energy into. I felt the same conviction that I felt in Anime Vice to fill these wiki pages. I work closely with the Admin, Lynxian, on the wiki pages, and I brought over my Anime Vice's weekly reports. As a result of our work, more wiki editors come to the community. Right now, I'm the 4th Admin, and I thank Lynxian for making me Admin. For entertainment, all we got are Weekly Reports. There are not much comments, but I am confident that Sket Dance Wikia will get better. Plus, I'm trying to get people to submit their images to the screenshots pages in hopes of organizing the image galleries and encouraging folks to put Fair Use Template on their images. Overall, the community's atmosphere is like a quiet forest, and you have to go deep to appreciate the wiki pages.
Rave Master Wikia
Rave Master Wikia
  • Rave Master Wikia - It's the same situation as Anime Vice and Sket Dance Wikia. I believed this site can become robust. Mega and his crew run the site. The Wiki pages and policies are becoming more like Fairy Tail Wikia. Mega's episode images are very high quality which attracts new people because Rave Master is an old anime. It's pretty unusual that Rave Master Wikia is the only source. For entertainment, it doesn't have a strong blog presence. I transferred the Beginner Guide to Rave Master from Anime Vice to there in hopes to attract more people. Right now, I'm part of Mega's team to improve the wiki edits. Overall, its atmosphere is like a small village with wiki editors making rackets over the enormous wiki projects that they are working on.


We, wiki editors, are proud and devoted fans of our work. It's a strange and soft addicted hobby. Anime Vice and Wikia communities are products of our hobbies to give people information. I hope these communities can bridge the gap between each other and help each other.

Accomplishments: I have joined a wiki editing team with Mega and the others on Rave Master Wikia, and for Sket Dance Wikia, I am an Admin. I'm really happy to become Admin, and I'll do my best to serve the Sket Dance Wikia community.

Thank you everyone.


Team W.I.K.I. Nation

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@takashichea: Nice! I usually get info from other wikias on the web to help me fill out the ones for Anime Vice (I dont copy-paste or plagiarize though). I get what you mean about wikias being more precise, I noticed that as well.

Great job Taka! I like the initiative you're taking inside and outside the vice community. Keep it up!

Post by Sonata (35,800 posts) See mini bio Level 20
@takashichea: Oh cool you are an administrator on there not congratz:)
Post by takashichea (15,126 posts) See mini bio Level 25


Yeah, I had to reword my wiki pages. I had to redo my work. It kind of sucks, but I don't want to plagiarize my work or others here on Anime Vice.


Thank you! I'm still a noob because the code stuff is pretty tough to get accustomed to. There's a lot of stuff I haven't learn yet. I envy your job as a moderator because you have more freedom than me.

Post by Sonata (35,800 posts) See mini bio Level 20
@takashichea: LOL actually all I am is just a forum mod. At first I anted to do the wiki's as well, but now I am fine with what I am.:)
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