My First Anime Vice Anniversary

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Welcome everyone! It's October 1, 2011 which marks my first anniversary on Anime Vice. Here, I tell you about how I found Anime Vice, the inspirations that I got from Anime Vice users and outside influences, the projects I have gone through with many wiki editors, businessmen, and much more, the recognition blogs that I wrote, my stats, and the future.

Table of Contents

  1. How I found Out About Anime Vice
  2. Inspirations from Anime Vice Users and Outside Influences
  3. Projects
  4. Accomplishments
  5. Recognition Blogs
  6. Thanks

How I found out about Anime Vice

Well, it is not too interesting. In October 2011, I was trying out a new anime called Fairy Tail that was suggested by little sister. Like the geek I am, I collect pictures of the show, and ironically, I didn't know anything about screenshots. When I was hunting images for Fairy Tail on Google (I'm not sure if it's really Google?), I find out most of the images were from Anime Vice. Wanting to comment on an image, I created a user account. The first user I interacted with was Obscurefan who got me into wiki editing.

My name is a bit long and strange. Chea is my mother's maiden name while Takashi is Kakashi with the "Ka" taken out to avoid the "kaka" joke.

*See What does your user account mean? Thread for more info.

Inspirations from Anime Vice Users and Outside Influences

Anime Vice

As the year progressed, I found many stellar wiki editors that I looked at the work and imitated before the wiki style guide was created. I remember looking at FoxxFireArt, Annabanana, and other people's work. I remember the good days where FoxxFireArt reminded me to watch out for my verb tense problem. I'm not a perfect wiki editor despite I was born in America as a first generation, biracial citizen. I got better at writing wiki pages. For reviews and guides, Sotyfan16, Jbog, Newten, and Wales were the main guys that I asked for help in those areas. I had a substance type of writing then a style type. You know the saying, "You can teach a person to write more, but it's harder to teach them to write in a style." I joined the reviewers' guild to hone my style.

Outside Influences

For outside influences, my little sister and my clubs at school influenced me. If you looked at my list that was dedicated to my little sister, you noticed that I worked on a majority of her favorite anime and manga items. I really wish that she can join Anime Vice, but she told me that she was too busy. She could have been a great wiki editor because her writing was better than mine and plus, she can articulate better as well. For clubs, the idea of giving out recognitions motivated me to create the recognition blogs for Anime Vice. I wanted to give thanks to the hard working wiki editors of the past and the present. It started in April Spring Break where I had to muster the courage to write it out. It took a long time, but the pay out was worth it.


I had so many independent projects that I jumped on. When I was a new user, I was really competitive for some odd reasons. I looked for pages that were empty and tried to fill them out. I was competing against Anna and the other wiki editors. Ironically, I had formed a team with the Fairy Tail wiki editors around December 2010. It was not really a team because we were working independently. It was strange that Anna and I worked on Fairy Tail first when we came on Anime Vice at the same time.

Solo Project

CShen's Shaman King Collection
CShen's Shaman King Collection

My biggest solo project was Shaman King where I started in February 2011 and still working on it. As of now, I finished reading the whole manga series back in late August. The manga series needs reformatting, but they all have their plot and characters except for the last three. I haven't finished the anime portion and the characters' story arcs are incomplete. That project is long. When I found out from AgentJ that Shaman King had a Kanzen ban series, I was shocked when it had 27 more volumes. I wanted to shoot myself, but I keep going because Anna was still working on Buster Keel and Yankee Kun to Megane Chan by herself. Plus, there are a lot of wiki editors working independently. I shouldn't complain but look at it as a challenge.

Team Projects

  • Fairy Tail (December 2010? - Ongoing) - I worked with many people. The current members are Newten, Annabanana, and I. The old team is Obscurefan, Obsidian609, and Wales, but they come back and edit stuff.

My biggest team project ever. Man, I remember the good old days. When I saw the image princess adding a ton of images, I was like damn! We became good friends afterwards. Obscurefan and Obsidian609 were cool guys and work on Fairy Tail. In April 2011, we had a Fairy Tail Gold Rush week where Ethan just set up many bounty tasks for the characters. Wales came later around Spring of 2011. During the summer, Wales, Anna, and I were unstoppable in our bounty tasks that FoxxFireArt added. Wales, Obscurefan, and Obsidian609 left us for other projects. Most of Fairy Tail pages were done except for the volumes and episodes.

Newten came on the scenes around July 2011. He help Anna and I fix our old ways such as the plot summary formats and the image counts. Thanks to Newten for the weekly reports.

  • Rave Master (May 28, 2011 to June 28, 2011) - Fire_Star and I

Fire_Star and I started on Rave Master when Fire_Star proposed to work together due to the Wiki Style blog. We finished the anime in a month. It's was insane. We didn't work on the volumes because it's too much.

  • Gosick (July 2011 and Postponed) - Halberdierv2, Auron570, and I.

We only focus on the anime. Everyone is busy, so we decided to postpone it. Most of the episodes have plot and characters. It just needs reformatting.

  • Team Beelzebub (August 2011 to Ongoing) - ShadowKnight508, Annabanana, and I

Anna worked on Beelzebub by herself with some independent wiki editors during the Spring of 2011. When she was absent in July 2011 for three weeks, I took her place and did three episodes for her. Then ShadowKnight508 jumped in August. We became a trio to this day.

Beelzebub banner
Beelzebub banner

So far, the anime portion is going well, and most of characters need work. We're doing fine.

  • Team W.I.K.I Nation (August 18, 2011 to Ongoing) - Annabanana, Hibaru, Halberdierv2, Piface314, KuroNekoXIII, and I

The second largest team that I was a part of. It was three then it grew to six member strong. It all started by Piface314 who came back from a long break, yet Piface314 disappeared again. It was Anna and I until Hibaru, HalberdierV2, and KuroNekoXIII joined it. While Anna and I did the episodes, Hibaru, HalberdierV2, and KuroNekoXIII did the characters.

Sket Dance has a lot of stuff completed, and the characters just need story arcs. All the volumes have table of contents, but vol. 6 and onwards need plot and characters.

  • Blue Exorcist (July 9, 2011 to Ongoing) - Annabanana and I

Anna and I take turns on the episodes. The anime project will end soon in October as the anime is going to end on October 2, 2011. It was a blast.

See my Comprehensive Vitae list for more details.


Wiki Editing

I'm proud of my team for working hard on these series. The only finished project that I have done is with Fire_Star on Rave Master. The project's goals are only about the anime and its characters. For Fairy Tail, we did most of character pages and episodes during the Great Fairy Tail Theme Week (April 25, 2011), and with FoxxFireArt's help, we concentrated on the style guide for the characters.


I have only done two so far. One is about Rave Master and the other is about the Sket Dance's episode 6. I took about 3 hours working on the review for Rave Master and the glitch caused my work to disappear when submitting it. Since I did not save a backup file, I had to type up the whole thing from scratch. I hope to write more reviews in the future.

Beginnner Guide

Originally, I planned to have at least two beginner guides submitted and published before October 1. They were Shaman King and Rave Master, but I wanted to do Sket Dance and the franchises that my team was working on. Since I had no experience, I decided to work on those two franchises. I had submitted one beginner guide to the staff, but it has not been published before my first year anniversary. I wanted to show people how much I willing to go through and work beyond my comfort zone of wiki editing. Oh well. At least, I submitted one guide, and I had help from Sotyfan16, Newten, and JBog.

Weekly Reports

It started on September 11, 2011. After seeing everyone and outsiders want to see forums about anime, I decided to do these reports to highlight episodes for three projects: Beelzebub, Sket Dance, and Blue Exorcist and to spotlight my team's work. It's a lot of fun.

Recognition Blogs

Taking what my club president's idea of giving recognitions, I decided to use this concept and create my own style to give thanks and recognitions to my teams.

  1. Fairy Tail and the Bounty Hunter Blog (April 1 and 30, 2011)
  2. Rave Master (May 18, 2011) and the end project (June 28, 2011)
  3. Blue Exorcist (July 26, 2011)
  4. Gosick (August 20, 2011)
  5. Sket Dance Team W.I.K.I Nation (not a formal one)

I hope to make recognition blogs for Beelzebub, a proper one for Sket Dance, and for Shaman King. Plus, I made vitae lists to make it easier on myself when I keep track of my teammates.

  1. Fairy Tail Vitae
  2. Rave Master Vitae
  3. Blue Exorcist Vitae
  4. Shaman King Vitae
  5. Sket Dance Vitae
  6. Beelzebub Vitae


There are so many people that I love to give thanks to, but it will make this blog too crowded. (I noticed this blog was too long) Be prepared for a long list.

I used to be an independent wiki editor, and now, I am a wiki mentor who works with other wiki editors.


  • Ethan - for being a big supporter for my teams, being there to solve some disputes between my colleagues, and being there to motivate us.
  • PerryVandell - for helping with the beginner guide submissions and highlighting the Weekly Articles for Beelzebub, Blue Exorcist, and Sket Dance
  • GPBMike - for helping me with the glitches

Community Members

  • Annabanana - She was my first partner on Anime Vice, and she is my best friend who keeps wiki editing with me on insane projects. We share a strong bond as we go beyond wiki editing. We're both college students who have the same passion in most animes.
  • Auron570 - He's my Gosick partner along with HalberdierV2.
  • BigHeart711 - He has warm heart and looks everything in a posttive way. He's has every whiskey media account.
  • Buhssuht - A great bounty hunter who helped out in the Fairy Tail week.
  • EgantheVile1 - He's was the one who put me on the right of wiki editing. Back then, I didn't even follow the wiki style guide for the episodes and volumes.
  • Fire_Star - He's was my partner on Rave Master. He is an outstanding man who helps out people in the forums and now, a mod.
  • FoxxFireArt - My mentor and the man who I asked about wiki style guides, problems with anime and manga issues, and the best wiki editor out there. I wish I can get my verb tense right when talking about him. I was always nervous around him, but I grow attached to him and Anna.
  • HalberdierV2 - For being patient with me because I promised to help him on Gosick after I finished Rave Master. We worked on Gosick with our partner, Auron570. He is working on Sket Dance as well.
  • Jbog - He supported me on the guides and got me working beyond my comfort zone.
  • KuroNekoXIII - I love how he's active on the Sket Dance forums and connect with me beyond anime. He is my teammate in the W.I.K.I. Nation team for Sket Dance.
  • Mohsinman99 - For being active on the Sket Dance forum. He got me into Gintama.
  • Obsidian609 - When I couldn't find good images, he will suggest good places to hunt. In addition, he always jumps in and helps my team in Fairy Tail and Blue Exorcist.
  • Obscurefan - The first user I met that interacted with me. A kind man that started on Fairy Tail by himself, and as we progress, we work together. He is the one who got me into wiki editing.
  • Newten - He helped me on images, Fairy Tail, and how to use the wiki editing features on Anime Vice. He's a great and funny guy.
  • ShadowKnight508 - A compassionate man who help Anna and I on Beelzebub. He is very supportive in the Beelzebub forums.
  • Sotyfan16 - His tremendous knowledge help me make beginner guides. He's considerate and supportive of the Anime Vice Community.
  • Superevil225 - She got me working on wiki pages that I'm uncomfortable with and I worked on more on my sister's beloved franchises as well.
  • Wales - A great guy who is very supportive and knowledgeable about Anna and our projects. He help me make good reviews and guides on how to get images. He's compassionate about
  • ZombiePie - He is a big help to me in Giant Bomb. His sarcasm and witty comments made my day when I'm stressed out. He helps to give input about the things I have done such as the spam blog rules.

**If I forgot about you, I'm sorry. I'm a bit stressed out and can't think right. Yeah, I wish I wrote this blog in the summer as a draft first.

Last bit of advice, when you help people or be kind to them, they can return the favor and give back to the community. Look at me. If it wasn't for these people above here, I wouldn't be here today. I'm a peer mentor who is helping three members so far. They are AnimeBookWorm7, Konantenshi, and KuroNekoXIII.

Thanks for reading this. I hope you are fired up and want to contribute to Anime Vice. Small steps can make big ripples.


Member of Team W.I.K.I Nation, Beelzebub, and Fairy Tail.

Post by Fire Star (3,732 posts) See mini bio Level 16

This is awesome!

Post by sotyfan16 (1,342 posts) See mini bio Level 20

Damn there is a lot here. You sure are active! lol

Happy Viceversary Taka! You have been a very active and helpful user on the site with bringing the Wiki editors together for projects and get those details filled in.

I'd love to be more active in the Wiki but time and again I cannot bring myself to. Guess that's why I stick to Guides, other articles, and blogs. Maybe my work with all that will prompt users to work on what I talk about. :)

Post by Superevil225 (6,742 posts) See mini bio Level 17
Lots of love and hugs! AV wouldn't be the same without you!
Post by takashichea (15,939 posts) See mini bio Level 25

@Fire Star:

Thanks! You were a great partner in Rave Master. Can't wait to see your anniversary blog.


Don't worry about the wiki edits! Just stick to what you're good at. Yeah, it's pretty long. It's a good thing I didn't go too much in detail with the wiki projects except for Shaman King.

P.S. Man, I wish I got my beginner guide published. I will catch up to you or not in the guides.


Aw! Thanks! Love and hugs to you, too.

Wow! I check your bio. You are a veteran user over me. Good luck on your Sayonara, Zetsubou Sensei weekly articles. I got to make mine more exciting. Did you try Sket Dance or Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi?

Updates 9:16PM

Added links to everyone under the thanks section. Added more info under the team project and took out some details about the solo project. Make more room for team work!

Post by ShadowKnight508 (5,358 posts) See mini bio Level 19

@takashichea: Happy 1st year of being a member of AnimeVice, Takashichea. Your work is nothing short of impressive, so that is why I have nominated you for Vicer of the Month October 2011.

Post by Superevil225 (6,742 posts) See mini bio Level 17
@takashichea: Thanks. I haven't checked them out yet, but they're on my list.
Post by Halberdierv2 (1,303 posts) See mini bio Level 17

Happy Anniversiary, Takashichea! this is awesome, and thank you for all your hard work across the site!

Post by KuroNekoXIII (427 posts) See mini bio Level 14

@takashichea: Happy 1st anniversary Taka! :D Hope to see more of your awesome Wiki-edits in the upcoming year ;) It's nice to see how you found your way to the Vice and your first wiki projects.

I'm honoured to be a part of team W.I.K.I , and I wish us all great success in the projects we're working on and will work on in the future :D

Post by takashichea (15,939 posts) See mini bio Level 25


Thanks for being active on the Sket Dance forums! Hope to see your blog. :)


Oh, I forgot about our project. Just added Gosick project. Sorry, man. Glad to see you on the Sket Dance team.


Thanks! Anna and I are glad to have you working with us.


@Superevil225: @sotyfan16: @Fire Star:

Just added banner images for the team projects. It looks funky, but it's okay.

Post by sotyfan16 (1,342 posts) See mini bio Level 20


I totally forgot to say that I want the Otaku Dictionary you have.

Post by KuroNekoXIII (427 posts) See mini bio Level 14

@takashichea said:


Thanks for being active on the Sket Dance forums! Hope to see your blog. :)

No prob! Yup! :D

Post by Bigheart711 (4,383 posts) See mini bio Level 21

Congratulations for a full year at AV! Also, PM me if you also want in on my wiki projects for the site (same goes for everyone else). :D

Post by buhssuht (223 posts) See mini bio Level 19

man, it been only for a year for you and you worked that much on wikis? amazing

keep up the good works

Post by takashichea (15,939 posts) See mini bio Level 25


All right! I'll keep in touch.


Thanks! I wish I did more for the reviews and beginner guides.

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