Cultural Diversity Task: Adding Voices from Around the World

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Hi everyone, I'm Taka, your neighborhood wiki editor who just became a mod this month. This is a new idea for the community in the wiki area. I do welcome everyone to contribute to the wiki. Ever since I did the interviews with awesome Vicers in the community (see An Entire World of Anime Fans! -- THE VICE PIT), we should expand the wiki aspect as well.

I encourage you guys and gals to add Voice Actors and Actresses from other countries. I know the feature is limited to English, Japanese, French, German, and Spanish, but one day, the community will expand it. This is just a stepping stone. I would love to see those awesome British VAs that some of my British friends had mentioned when they remark that British dubbed anime series and Disney Films were better than their American counterparts. I'm curious.

Plus, Anime Vice might not have a big effect on the web. Though, our work and the cultural interviews will start a ripple. That ripple will help the anime industry to adapt and reach out to other countries. In those interviews especially the African experiences, fans want to promote anime. Having folks in your country voice some anime characters or make animations will promote the media. With every help, that dream can come true. Call me crazy. It's a pipe dream but it's worth fighting for.

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I thought about that too, it's a good idea.

While on voice actors subject, I have a suggestion.

I noticed a lot of episode pages are missing voice actors. Even if there are characters added, voice actors are missing quite often. It would be great if there is a option for quicker inserting voice actors. I imagined it to be something like this. If there is a voice actor added to one character for the first time than everything is normal, but if a certain character already have a voice actor/actors attached to it's page than the system will automatically offer those voice actors, and a wiki editor can chose if he will add him/her (depends if that character have a spoken line in that episode) or if there is a new voice actor. I guess it's something like when you add a voice actor and the system offers you to choose what country is that voice actor from.

With this we won't have to be constantly searching for voice actors, and it will be much faster. In conclusion, adding those voice actors would be easy, and more people would add those. With that our data base would increase.

I'm not sure if it's even possible to make something like this but I have to try.

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An automated feature that recalls voice actors would be awesome. I'm not an engineer, so I don't know how they would do that in JAVA, C++, or whatever code language they use now. I would imagine it would be tough to install, but the results would be great for the community and the wiki.

I should add that to Improvements in Wiki Editing Tools or Anime Vice Functions. You should bump that thread, and I'll edit your comment include both our comments.

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