Who's The One With The Good Luck?

Who's The One With The Good Luck? is an anime episode of Fairy Tail that was released on 09/24/2011
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The S-Class examination trial goes underway with each team racing to Tenrou Island to pass the first round. To their misfortune, Lucy and Cana reach the island last and are forced to face against a dangerous duo: Fried and Bixlow while Natsu is shocked to see one of Fairy Tail's strongest mages as his very first opponent. Who will advance to the next round and be one step closer to their dream of becoming an S-Class mage? And whose side will luck choose?

Plot Summary

All eight teams arrive at Hargeon port, ready to set sail to Tenrou Island for the S-Class Trial Exam. Once they do, they begin to complain about the intense heat (even though its winter), most particularly Lucy and Happy who comment that if one of them would melt and turn into ice cream, then the other would eat him/her. Cana informs that the blazing hot weather is due to the currents that maintain the same climate all year round. Lisanna asks Juvia, whose all bundled in her coat, if she's hot to which the water mage answers that she's not hot but that Gray's naked body is, as she observes him in all his naked glory asleep in a chair. Natsu then shows up ready to puke any moment, helplessly moaning that Wendy didn't cast her Troia spell on him to which Loke replies that its understandable since she is currently Mest's partner for the exam.

As the ship nears the island, Makarov shows up and tells everyone that it was believed that fairies once inhabited it and that it is the sleeping ground of Fairy Tail's first guild master: Moebius Vermilion. He then goes over the rules and procedures for the first trial. He explains that once they reach the island, each team must choose one path where they must either fight and win against an S-Class mage or another team, or walk through a clear path without any hindrance. Once they do, they will advance to the next round. He continues saying that the key to passing is armed might and luck, giving Lucy high hopes that her and Cana might just win.

Makarov then announces the commencement of the exam, leaving most of the mages confused as Loke notes that they still haven't landed on the island. But Natsu understands and uses this chance to get ahead of the game, giving Happy the cue to take him there by flight. However, his plan fails as Fried had secretly placed a rune on the boat, preventing anyone from leaving it for 5 minutes. As him and Bixlow take off, Levy and Evergreen rewrite the runes to escape the boat but only do so for their respective teams. Once Fried's runes expired, everyone makes their way to the island, with Natsu quickly reaching it in no time. As he contemplates which path to choose, he decides to go with Path E because he thinks the "E" stands for "Erza". With the prospect of fighting her, he gets fired up and runs down the path, anxious to defeat her. Soon after, Lucy and Cana reach the island and learn, to their disappointment, that they are the last ones. With no choice, they choose the remaining path.

As the two walk through a cave, Lucy notices a battle sign and the pair is shocked upon encountering Bixlow and Fried as their opponents. The narrator recalls when Lucy and Cana both had a showdown with these two during the fighting festival but were easily defeated. Despite their unlucky situation, they begin their battle. However, before doing so, Freed reveals his soft spot for women in bikinis by telling Lucy and Cana to put some clothes on. Taking note of his supposed weakness, Cana uses her magic to distract Freed by releasing numerous women in bikinis from her cards. With Freed's movements restricted by the cuddling women, Bixlow decides fight on his own. Lucy summons Virgo, who appears in her bikini, however she is easily knocked out by Bixlows' dolls. She then summons Aries who uses her wool attacks to stop Bixlow and his dolls, giving Lucy the chance to use her signature move, "Lucy Kick". After knocking him unconscious, the effects of Cana's cards wears off, releasing Freed from the group of women.

Angered, Freed uses his magic to grow wings and slashes at Lucy and Cana with his rapier. The latter, determined to win, uses her cards to release beams of water to fend off his attacks but to no avail. Lucy, noticing the water, uses it to summon Aquarius who hits her owner and Cana with her jug, telling them that they are too inexperienced and naive to use swimsuits to draw a man's attention. Cana furiously yells at her, asking if she knows the difference between a friend and any enemy to which Aquarius answers that all "supple and soft-skinned" women are her foes. After the two insult each other, Aquarius informs Lucy that she has a date with her boyfriend and disappears from the battlefield.

Cana and Lucy are victorious
Cana and Lucy are victorious

With Lucy's trump card gone, Cana decides to use her Sexy Lady Cards again but Lucy tells her that the same trick won't work twice. To her surprise, it worked. As Freed tries to release himself from their grip, Cana summons more women to create a wall of ladies to confine him. Trapped, Freed looks for an escape but upon finding one, he walks right into Cana's trap. After noticing the circle of cards, Cana unleashes her lightning attack which electrocutes Freed unconscious. After Lucy and Cana celebrate their victory, the two move on to the next stage of the exam.

Later, Bixlow and Freed get up and reveal that they purposely lost the fight because they owed Lucy and Cana. Although Bixlow was excited to have taken Laxus' spot, Freed tells him that its not important since its all about Fairy Tail and adds that Laxus will come back one day. They then note that Lucy and Cana were lucky to have run into them.

Meanwhile on route E, Natsu yells out Erza's name, telling her to come out and fight him. Happy says that Erza is probably not on their path but Natsu refuses to believe it. As the path begins to widen the two notice a figure up ahead. Upon seeing Guildartz as their opponent, Happy remarks that its all over. Natsu, however gets fired up, and prepares to fight Gildarts with all he's got.

Points of Interest

  • Happy is the only Exceed who appears in this episode because Pantherlily and Carla are not Gajeel and Wendy's partners, respectively.
  • Gray goes completely nude for the first time
  • Bixlow and Freed reach Tenrou Island first but ironically battle and lose to Lucy and Cana who arrived on the island last.
  • Natsu and Happy chose "Path E" which leads them into a battle against Gildarts.
  • It never showed how Mest and Wendy got to the island.
  • Foreshadowing: Freed tells Bixlow that Laxus will return one day for sure.

Manga Differences

Lucy/Cana vs. Freed/Bixlow Battle Alteration

  • Compared to the manga, In the anime, Aries appears in Lucy and Cana's battle against Freed and Bixlow
  • In the manga, Bixlow is defeated by Aries' wool moves followed by Lucy's kick and Freed is defeated by Cana's lightning attack whereas in the manga, the two men are knocked out by Aquarius' water attack
  • The wall of women created by Cana never occurred in the manga
  • Freed never used his magic to fight in the manga
  • Cana used her water fountain card against Bixlows' dolls in the manga whereas in the anime, she used it against Freed's attacks
  • In the manga, Aquarius unleashed her attack whereas in the anime, she didn't; she disappeared, uninterested in the battle to spend time with her boyfriend

Sequence of Events Alteration

  • Cana's altercation with Aquarius occurred after the latter's water attacks in the manga whereas in the anime it happens right after Aquarius was summoned by Lucy


  • Japanese Name: "Un ga ii no wa Dare?" (運がいいのは誰?)
  • Manga Chapter: Chapter 203 & 204
  • Opening Theme: "The Rock City Boy" by JAMIL
  • Ending Theme: "Don't think.Feel !!!" by Idoling!!!

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Hiro Mashima Original Concept The mangaka of the popular action/adventure/fantasy series Fairy Tail.
Shinji Ishihira Director A Storyboard artist that is the Director of the Fairy Tail anime.
Aoi Yamamoto Character Artist/Designer Animator
Masashi Sogo Writer
Yasuharu Takanashi Music The composer of most anime installments. He also composed four Pretty Cure series: Fresh, Heartcatch, Suite, and Smile.


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