...Who Are You?!

...Who Are You?! is an anime episode of Good Luck Girl! that was released on 09/12/2012
Binbogami ga!
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When Momiji has a guest over that befouls the bathtub, Ichiko must look for other facilities. She resigns herself to going to a bathhouse, where she and Ranmaru meet Tsuwabuki and his siblings. Bobby and Momo'o also arrive for some good clean, dirty fun.
— FUNimation

Plot Summary

Bobby reads the newspaper with Ichiko and Ranmaru looking at him. He sees the characters spelling boobs, and by the river, Momou and Bobby are singing a naughty song about loving breasts. Meanwhile, Yamabuki talks with Momiji and asks her to get the results. Momiji is preoccupied with her video games, and Yamabuki gives her a creepy look. Ichiko arrives to her home where Tama leaps to her arms. She overhears Momiji talking to a river god, and she sees Momiji cleaning a river god. Then, the river god picks Ichiko and tells Ichiko that she can use her breasts. Momiji is offended that the river god did not asked her to use her breasts. After the river god is out, Ichiko yells at Momiji and asks her how long she has not taken a bath. Over at Rindou's place, she asks Rindou to show her bath. She sees Rindou's father in a steel barrel. Along the way to the public bath, she meets Keita's family and Bobby appears. When Bobby and Momou arrives, Ichiko steps on Momou. Rika takes the poor puppy away, and she freaks out when Momou changes into his human form. Keita begins imagining a quick get rich scheme with Momou being the main attraction. When Momou fights with Tama who is transformed into a cat girl, Keita has another quick get rich scheme.

Rika: Mine is still developing!
Rika: Mine is still developing!

In the shower room, Rindou hears Keita behind the wall, and Ichiko sees Rindou fantasizing about Keita. Rindou has a massive nosebleed. Then, Mika arrives and notes that Ichiko's breasts are like huge balloons. Ichiko tells Mika that she can touch her breasts for 5,000 Yen. Mika imagines her brother dying from the huge price. When Mika cries, Rika tries to calm her down. Ichiko reassures Mika that her chest will develop soon. Mika remarks that Rika's breasts are small with a image of a washboard present. Meanwhile, Bobby rounds up the guys except Keita to peek at the girls. Keita starts to fall asleep and slips below the water surface. From behind, Momiji is about to attack Ichiko with a backscrubber-like gadget. Momou protects Ichiko, and both Ichiko and Momiji kick Momou towards the wall. Keita punishes Momou for looking at his sisters, and Momou protests because he does not enjoy being tormented by guys. Meanwhile, Rika and Mika exit the bath, and Tama grabs Momiji who falls down. Momiji is quiet for a moment, and Ichiko tells Rindou to wash Momiji and Kumagai. During Momiji and Kumagai's bath, Ichiko and Rindou are shocked that Momiji has shrunk. They decide to place Momiji into a hot bath, and Momiji returns back to normal. Yet, Momiji stays silent during the bath.

Ichiko and Keita see each naked
Ichiko and Keita see each naked

The wall next to them, Bobby asks Keita how he views Rindou once Keita's brothers are gone. Keita remarks that Rindou is still a girl which Rindou is happy about Keita's words. When Bobby mentions that Rindou is the last one he would stare at naked due to Rindou's masculine body and flat chest, Rindou smashes the wall. Then, Keita and Rindou sees each other naked. Rindou marvels at Keita's toned body, and she faints on Bobby. Keita thinks how he can react, and he starts to repeat "pi" because that his what his grandmother told me in the old days. Suddenly, the wall that Keita presses on with his hands crumbles. He stares at Ichiko who is shocked. Ichiko's mind goes crazy, and Keita quickly turns Ichiko around. He tells Ichiko that he did not see anything. He goes outside to meet up with his siblings, and Momiji exits the bath. She bids Keita goodbye, and Keita does not recognize Momiji. In the bath, Ichiko realizes that Momiji has stolen her clothes. Later, Keita digs a hole to make an outdoor bath, but Rika does not want one.

After the Credits

Momiji acts nice?
Momiji acts nice?

By the river, Momiji tells Kumagai that she has a plan. At school, Ichiko and Rindou see each other in a mask, and Rindou states that she regrets that she saw Keita naked. Momiji and Ichiko freak out about the incident, and Keita arrives with a paper bad on his head. Momiji greets Ichiko who does not recognize Momiji who is all spruced up. Ichiko freaks out.

Points of Interest

  • Nintendo DS Reference: Momiji and her teddy bear are playing a game on a DS.
  • The image of the board is a reference to the saying "flat as a board."
  • That which ya Gave Me! - is a new gadget that scrubs the person's back while sucking fortune energy.
  • Butsumetsu Taian Municipal High School is the name of Ichiko's school.
  • Nadeshiko hits Bobby and Momou with a golden kunai.


  • Spirited Away - Momiji cleans a river god that has a bike in it. In her gadget scene, she wears Chihiro's clothes.


  • Japanese Name: "...Dare!?" (...誰!?)
  • Manga Chapter: Chapter 16 and a bit of Chapter 17 (Volume 4)
  • Opening Theme: "Make my Day!" by Piko
  • Ending Theme: "Love Riot" by HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Characters & Voice Actors

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Yoshiaki Sukeno Original Concept Yoshiaki Sukeno is the creator of Binbogami Ga!
Tomoyuki Kawamura Director Tomoyuki Kawamura is a Japanese anime episode director.


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