White is a anime/manga character in the Pokémon franchise
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The president of the BW Agency, a company that has a large supply of Pokémon actors that can be used for commercials, plays, movies, and stunts.


White is often seen with a female Tepig, one of her main actresses for commercials, which quickly became friends with Black's male Tepig. She employs Black due to him destroying their equipment whilst saving them from a Galvantula, so he loans out his Tepig for commecials to pay her back.

Despite always being surrounded by pokemon, she is not a trainer, and cannot battle, leaving Black to protect them when N ambushes him.

as an agency president, White is shown to be very astute at doing her job, and was able to hold her Pokemon Musical in Nimbasa City successfully, even finding a smart alternative method to deliver her supplies to the musical, even with time constraints.

While leaving the musical she gets kidnapped by a member of Team Plasma and is taken to the Rondez-View Ferris Wheel where she discovers N and Servine are in the same car with her. N asks her about why she created the Pokémon Musical, White reveals her reasons to him. N replies that some Pokémon may like to perform but by only focusing on that part of the Pokémon, their other traits will be suppressed. In Gigi's case, N refers to her ability to battle and evolve. N then has his Servine attack Gigi in order to have her fight back and show just how strong she is to White. N comes to the conclusion that by focusing on Gigi's talents in performing, White had been neglecting her true strengths in battle, a fact that Gigi agrees to. When White decides that it is time to escape, she attempts to jump off the Ferris wheel and asks Gigi to do the same. Surprisingly, Gigi goes to N's side, shocking White who falls out of the car and onto the ground below. Gigi and N watch from the car as White lies on the ground, crying because of Gigi's betrayal. N releases his Servine and has it stay with White.

Later Marshall finds her unconsicous and carries her to a hospital. He then encounters Black who first fought he attacked until he discovers he did nothing to her and proceeds to tell him to take her to a hospital. White eventually wakes up in the hospital to find Black their and N's Servine. Seeing the Servine White screams in fear and covers herself with the sheets. Black discovers the Servine belong to N and tries to discover where N is to which the Servine ignores his request. Soon they White follows Black to the battle Subway to find Marshall and discovers them battling in a Subway car with Alder. After the battle Marshall tells him to try out the Subway to which White Decides to try with him.

White decides to close the BW Agency temporarily and tries to go and catch a Pokemon for the first time to which she finds a Deerling. She simply throws a Poke Ball at it only for her to miss and the ball landing in a stream. Black is meanwhile watching her until Marshall and throws him closer to White telling him to help her. Soon after the Deerling she tried to catch begins chasing and is about to attack her until N's Servine comes to her aid and defends her. Shocked at seeing Servine protect White, Black tells her to give it a command to which it listens. Black decides to capture a Tirtouga alongside her to teach her how to capture a Pokemon. Once both the Pokemon are weakened they both capture them. With two Pokemon White begins her Battle Subway challenge, Black and her have a tearful goodbye as he remembers the journey they had together. As the train leaves, Black gives White Brav due to her needing three Pokémon to use in the Battle Subway.

Once on the Subway train Ingo and Emmet begin training her only for her Deerling named Jessica to lose in her first battle. While taking a break she meets the Elite Four member Shauntal who had snuck onto the train to find inspiration on writing a story. They are soon caught up in a battle between the Legendary Pokémon Thundurus and Tornadus.

General Information Edit
Name: White
Name: ホワイト
Romanji: howuito
Gender: Female
1st manga book: Pokémon: Black and White #1
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie:
Aliases Prez
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