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At the diner, Kaoru's professor (Itsuki) gives Kaoru money for all the hard work Kaoru did for the professor. The professor tells Kaoru to take his girlfriend out. Kaoru is seen talking to Miyabi. Another scene is shown with some campers taking pictures of wild life. Kaoru takes Aoi to China Town and the two love birds look at souveniers. Then Kaoru and Aoi attend someone's wedding, and Kaoru thinks Aoi looks good in a wedding dress. At night, Aoi gives Kaoru some ice cream, but Aoi wants Kaoru to share the soft serve. While some kids pass by the couple, Kaoru reminds her of their childhood. Aoi tells Kaoru while the scene goes into her flashbacks. She tells Kaoru that she is happy that she is able to love Kaoru back. The two love birds embrace each other.

At the hotel, Kaoru takes Aoi to their room. The two watch the beautiful city lights while having a romantic dinner. Aoi points to a clock, Sakuraba house, and scenes of other characters are shown. Suddenly, Aoi forgets to contact Miyabi, and Kaoru goes to contact her. While Kaoru gets to the phone, Aoi has a bath. Aoi wats for Kaoru and thinks about fawning him. At last, Kaoru comes back to Aoi while Aoi apologizes to Kaoru. Kaoru reassures Aoi that he got permission from Miyabi to spend the night with Aoi. Kaoru tells Aoi that the first thing he thinks is Aoi's happiness, and he tells her that her happiness does not fall with Sakuraba or Hanabishi but her happiness lies with him. Aoi cries due to Kaoru's words and how much he cares for her happiness. The scene ends with the two lovebirds kissing each other and the camera pans out to the city lights.

Kaoru and Aoi come back to a trio of girls who have a campfire. A purple haired girl comes and toasts marshmallows. While the two girls bicker, Aoi and Kaoru bow politely at Miyabi.

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Masami Shimoda Director
Kenichi Kanemaki Series Composition
Kazunori Iwakura Character Artist/Designer
Toshio Masuda Music Toshio Masuda is a Japanese composer who has done music for several Japanese television shows and anime series. Not to be confused with the film director of the same name.


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