White Sea Characters

White Sea is a anime/manga location
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Aisa is a small Shandian tom-boy of a girl. She was born with the ability of Mantra.


Amazon is the old gate-keeper and informer at the entrance to Skypiea known as Heaven's Gate.


Braham is a proud SHandian warrior and ally to Wiper. He uses duel light-guns in combat to blind his enemies.


Conis is a gentle and kindhearted citizen of the Sky Island, Skypiea. She is the first person to greet Luffy and his crew.


Fuza is the bird ridden by Shura in the Ordeal of String. He doesn't naturally breath fire, but uses a Flame Dial to give the illusion.

Gan Fall

Gan Fall is the noble former God, ruler, of Skypiea. He was overthrown by Enel and turned to a mercenary knight of the White Sea.


Gedatsu is one of Enel's priests and he oversees the Ordeal of Swamp. He is a complete idiot that will often forget to open his mouth to talk.


Genbo is one of the Shandian warriors and ally of the warrior Wiper. He is a rotund, strong fighter.


Holy is the dog partner to his master Ohm in his Ordeal of Iron. He's a well trained animal who obeys commands.

Hotori and Kotori

Hotori and Kotori are twin brothers and lieutenants of the Enforcers.


Kamakiri is a proud Shandian warrior and ally of the great warrior Wiper.


Laki is the lone female Shandian warrior and guardian of Aisa.


McKinley is the leader of the White Berets, the local authorities to Skypiea.


Nola is the King of the Sky in the forest of Skypiea. She was just a child when Montblanc Norland when he discovered the island and when the forest was still a part of Jaya.


Ohm is one of Enel's Four Priests. He oversees the Ordeal of Iron with his trained dog, Holy.


Pagaya is a Dial Ship Engineer and father of Conis. He is a citizen of Skypiea.


Pierre is the large pink bird that ate the Devil Fruit, Uma-Uma Fruit. This allowed him to transform into a very awkward looking Pegasus. He is the partner of Gal Fall.


Satori is one of Enel's God Enforcers. In Skypiea he is responsible for the area known as the Ordeal of Balls.

Shandian Chief

Shandian Chief is the village elder to his Shandian people. He is a kind and noble man who has trouble keeping Wiper's temper from ruling him.


Shura is one of Enel's Four Priests and he oversees the Ordeal of String. He flies on his fire-breathing bird Fuza.

South Bird

South Birds are an odd avian creature that look like a toucan tropical bird. Found on Jaya their odd biology forces them to uncontrollably always face South.


Suu is a cloud fox found on Skypiea. She is a pet of Conis


Urouge is a pirate captain and one of the Eleven Supernovas. His origins are from the Sky Islands.


Wyper is the leader of the Shandian warriors in Skypiea and decedent of Calgara. He is a hot tempered fighter who attacks all he sees that are not of his own people.


Yama is one of the God's Warriors under Enel's command. A giant of a man who is one of Enel's true loyalists

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