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One of the many female characters within the Maid Bride manga, she is the beautiful princess of a distant, peaceful kingdom. She is blackmailed into having sexual relations with her wicked Staff Officer Zande, who seeks to make her his sex slave and himself the only one she will love.


Beloved by her subjects within the peaceful Kingdom that her family rules over, the White Princess is the most beautiful woman in the land, with golden hair and crystal blue eyes that captivate all who get the chance to see her up close. In line for the throne behind her parents, the King and Queen of their fair Kingdom, she awaits the day when she will be called upon by her parents and subjects to lead the land into another era of prosperity and peace. Her wonderful life in the public's eye, however, varies greatly from the unspeakable horrors that she must endure in private with the corrupt Staff Officer Zande, who has sickened her mother with a horrible disease and uses this as blackmail in order to have sex with the princess, for he is the only one that can cure the disease in the entire land. At first, she endures Zande's wild, perverse sexual fantasies, hoping that she can help her mother stay alive even if it means letting the monster take her virginity and doing lewd things with her body. However, as time goes on and she endures session after session with Zande, she eventually becomes a sex-craving woman who needs sexual pleasure delivered each night, his lewd fantasies and her overactive sex drive to blame. Unknown to her people, she has become something entirely different than the beautiful princess that they see before them...she has become a sex slave to Zande.

Early Years

As with the other characters of the Maid Bride manga, not much is known or shown of the early life of the White Princess. All that is known is that she is next in line for the throne behind her parents, and that she is the most beautiful woman in the land, her caring, compassionate love for the land, it's creatures, and her subjects unrivaled by anyone. She is a proud virgin when the events of Chapters Six and Seven begin.

Story Arcs

Chapter Six: White Nectar Princess

Staff Officer Zande makes his objectives clear to the outraged White Princess.
Staff Officer Zande makes his objectives clear to the outraged White Princess.

When we are first introduced to the White Princess in the Maid Bride manga, we are shown a caring, beautiful woman that is beloved by all and is the fairest in the land, her love for her country unrivaled by anyone. It is revealed, however, that she is being forced to endure the wild, sexual fantasies of the wicked Staff Officer Zande, who has been putting her through many perverted sessions in which he violates her body in numerous ways. She is shown enduring one of his extreme sessions in which he has bound her to a device and is currently toying with her genitalia as she tries to endure the twisted fantasies of Zande. He continues with his perverse toying of her until she reaches her climax and is unable to control herself, falling victim to the ecstasy of the pleasure he is giving her, even though she hates every fiber of his being. The story then flashes back to when it all began, on a dark, terrible night several days earlier with the White Princess alone in her room as Zande enters the room. With a concerned look on his face, he tells her that her mother, the Queen, has become gravely ill and will most likely die if something is not done to cure her. With all normal medicine failing to stop the terrible illness, it appears that the Queen will die within days if nothing is done to save her, and this has the Princess on edge when she engages Zande in discussion over this horrible issue. She notices that he is acting strange, and before long, he reveals the terrible truth of how he gave the Queen a lethal disease from a distant land, one that only he can cure so long as the Princess allows him to have his way with her. Outraged by his actions and infuriated that he would try to blackmail her with such a serious matter that involves her mother, the White Princess grabs her sword and goes to strike at the smiling Zande, who tells her that if he dies, so does her mother and the prosperity of the land. Not wanting her sickened mother to die, she drops her sword to the ground and decides that if it meant keeping her beloved mother alive, then allowing him to have his way with her was only a small price to pay to save her life. Pleased with her answer, Zande begins the first of what will be many sessions in which he violates her virgin body with his lewd fantasies, trying to break her spirit as he violently engages her in wild sex.

The White Princess attempts to kill Zande, before he tells he that the Queen will die if he dies.
The White Princess attempts to kill Zande, before he tells he that the Queen will die if he dies.

Over the period of the next several days, Zande puts the White Princess through many elaborate, lewd sessions in which he does perverse things with her body, and as he promised, the Queen begins to slowly get better as he gives her a small dose of the antidote after each session he has with the Princess. He eventually cracks the strong will of the Princess with his constant sessions on her, turning her into nothing more than a sex-obsessed woman that demands that he delivers her wild pleasure each and every night, no matter what happens. The Queen makes a full recovery, and once again all is well in their kingdom, but unknown to the happy subjects of the land, their beloved Princess is no longer the pure, innocent woman they once looked up to. Noticing a sudden change in behavior in his daughter, the King orders the Princess to wear a chastity belt at all time, in order to protect herself from her new-found obsession with sex and to stop anyone from impregnating her with a illegitimate child who could be heir to the throne. Unknown to the King, is that the White Princess has the key to her chastity belt, and whenever she craves Zande to pleasure her, she unlocks her belt and lets him do what he does best. One of her aids, who is helping the Princess fix her white dress as she stands on the balcony, notices that she does not look well and asks if she feels alright, to which the Princess answers "I am fine", but in reality, she is really fighting the wild urge to have sex once again with Zande.

Chapter Seven: White Nectar Princess After Story

Chapter Six (White Nectar Princess)
Chapter Six (White Nectar Princess)

In the four page continuation and finale of the White Nectar Princess story, the White Princess is shown engaging Staff Officer Zande in another wild session of lewd sex with each other, having removed her chastity belt before he arrived. They continue until he reaches his limit and achieves orgasm inside of her, filling her up with his seed. Breathing hard, Zande is totally blown away when she looks at him with a greedy expression and demands that he gives her much more pleasure than that. Surprised that she wants more of him, he gets back to work on her, this time putting her through a session of rough anal sex, until he again achieves orgasm and fills her up again. Now worn out, Zande backs away from her, trying to catch his breath after his second session with her, but is shocked when she looks at him with lusting eyes and asks for even more action. Stunned at how obsessed with him having sex with her she has become, Zande quickly rips off his remaining clothes and begins engaging her again in rough sex, as the story ends.

Other Media

As of today, the White Princess has yet to appear in anything outside of the Maid Bride manga franchise.

General Information Edit
Name: White Princess
Gender: Female
1st manga book: Maid Bride #1
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie:
Aliases White Nectar Princess
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Attractive Female
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