White Ghost

White Ghost is an anime episode of Btooom! that was released on 11/22/2012

As Sakamoto and Himiko try to rest for the night, Himiko wrestles with the idea of telling Sakamoto her true identity, but before she can do anything she is visited by a “ghost."

— Crunchyroll

Plot Summary

Himiko cries that she is glad to meet Ryouta but sadden that she cannot her heart to him
Himiko cries that she is glad to meet Ryouta but sadden that she cannot her heart to him

As Himiko plays Btooom!, Ryouta asks her if she wants to play. He grabs Himiko's hands, and he states that he wants to stay with her. Back in the present, Ryouta stares at the bloody chips in his hand. He wonders if he has to play the game, and he grips them as he tries to stop crying. Elsewhere on the island, Hidemi pushes a man off the cliff where the komodo dragons feed on him. She drops a BIM on him and states that she will do anything to survive. Back at Tyrannos Japan, Gemu states that people will not hesitate to betray each other for their own benefit as he talks to his CEO. The CEO comments on that Gemu did well and tells him to carry on with the project. Back at Ryouta's place, Ryouta uses his radar to make sure the place is safe. He opens the briefcase and hands some food and a shirt to Himiko. After Ryouta goes off to change, Himiko quickly dresses, and Ryouta tells her that he will go sleep in another room. Himiko tells him not to leave her because she's scared. Ryouta states he's fine with sleeping with her, and Himiko calls him a pervert for implying another thing. Before they sleep, she creates a barrier to separate her. Himiko comments that Ryouta is reckless coming here without BIM to rescue someone he doesn't know. Ryouta says that he doesn't know why, and he feels like a new person once his limitor was off. He states that he put his friends online above his life, and that internet was his real self. Himiko and the his friends online were everything to him. Though, he comments that he could be starving for human attention. Himiko cries to herself silently, and she is glad that she has met Ryouta. Yet, she does not what to do because she does not want to open her heart to more men in her life.

Shiki explains to Himiko her story and to trust no men
Shiki explains to Himiko her story and to trust no men

After having a dream about Ryouta embracing her, she wakes up to see a ghastly woman in white. Ryouta wakes up startled and thinks it was a nightmare. Himiko states it was real because the person has another flashlight. Ryouta leads Himiko down the dark halls and tells her to search the floor below while he takes the above floor. When Himiko refuses due to being too dark, Ryouta spots a window with a light in it. Upon arriving to the room, Ryouta sees it has been used. Suddenly, the woman tries to slice him from behind with a sickle. On the ground, Ryouta kicks and knocks the woman to the floor. He arrives to inform Himiko who beat Ryouta with a flashlight after being startled by Ryouta. In the woman's room, the woman kicks Ryouta and yells that men should get out. Himiko urges Ryouta to get out. In the room, the woman tells Himiko not to trust any men. She notices that Himiko trusts the young man, but the woman states that everyone is only looking out for themselves.

Date betrays Shiki
Date betrays Shiki

As the woman (Shiki Murasaki) explains her past, she is a nurse who worked at a hospital who did all she could to protect the doctor she has respected. In the end, the doctor who she saved pointed to her that she's responsible. Then one day, she got a letter that asked her if there's anyone she would like to get rid of. On Btooom! island, she meets the doctor who urge her to work with him to put behind their pasts. After the two have obtained the sixth chip, he punches Shiki and blows her up with his homing BIM. Shiki blocks it with her BIM bag, and the doctor (Masahito Date) takes her chip. Back in the present, Shiki wonders why they're repeating the game over and over. She tells Shiki to be careful of the man once they get all the chips. Himiko explains to Ryouta about a helicopter coming for the person who has eight chips. Ryouta wonders if they can hijack the helicopter using their BIMs as a threat. With the break of dawn, Himiko looks sad, but she will not explain everything to Ryouta (about herself or what happens when you get six chips) because she trusts him.

Points of Interest

After the Credits

Shiki tells Himiko to go take a path along the mountain to head to the observation point. Ryouta tests his stick that he will use to fend off the komodo dragons. Shiki tells Ryouta to take care of Himiko. Meanwhile, Date treated Taira's wounds, and Date wonders why he is here again.

Manga & Anime Differences

  • The anime excluded a sex scene between Date and Shiki.


  • Japanese Name: 白い亡霊
  • Manga Chapter: 36-37 and 38 (up to page 13)
  • Opening Theme: "No Pain, No Game" by Nano
  • Closing Theme: "Aozora (Blue Skies)" by May'n

Characters & Voice Actors

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