Whereabouts of Revenge

Whereabouts of Revenge is an anime episode of Ga-Rei Zero that was released on
It's a sad day for Yomi Isayama. First, she watches her father die, then at his funeral Mei's father claims that Mr. Isayama stated in his will that he would succeed him as the leader of the exorcists. Yomi protests and wants to know the truth, but Mai's father chastises her for failing to save her own father. Shortly after hearing this news Noriyuki's and his father start talking about Nori's arranged marriage with Yomi, and the father is having second thoughts about the marriage now that Yomi will no longer hold a position of power among the exorcists.

Afterwards, Kagura Tsuchimiya tries to console Yomi, but Mei enters the room and asks for Yomi's shishi-oh, claiming that as the new successor, she should be the one to wield it. Outside, Mei unsheaths the blade, but then suddenly has an attack of conscience and finds herself followed by Mitogawa's spiritual insects. She tries to run away from them, but then several wounds open up and cause her to bleed profusely. Mitogawa, the white-haired boy, appears before her again, telling her to accept the Death Stone (sesshouseki) embedded in her.

Later, Kagura continues talking with Yomi, and eventually falls asleep on her side. Yomi recieves a call, and leaves to go do her job with Kagura's sword. However, the 1st Mobile Special Division (see: Ep. #1) mobilizes on the site and starts to attack the spirit beast without them. At the same scene, Yomi spots Mei nearby, and the two of them start battling each other. Yomi manages to make a few cuts across Mei's body, but the Death Stone continues to regenerate her body, negating the damage.

In the middle of the fight, Mei vents by unleashing her jealousy and rage against Yomi, and taunts her by admitting that she was the killer of her father. However, the Death Stone suddenly stops working, causing Mei's wounds to reopen. Yomi takes advantage of this to disarm her and take her down. As Yomi holds a blade above her throat, Mei begs for mercy, but Yomi yells at her to shut up before plunging the blade through her neck.

As Yomi walks back with both her own sword and Kagura's, she finds herself attacked by Mitogawa. The boy claims that Mei was a disappointment, but that Yomi might be more compatible with the Death Stone in her. After saying this, Yomi is attacked by several small, thrown blades and lies on the ground in a pool of blood.

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