Where is the Visitor?

Where is the Visitor? is an anime episode of The Severing Crime Edge that was released on 04/24/2013
The Severing Crime Edge
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After the Sledgehammer incident, Iwai has been more on guard about Authors. As a change of pace, Kiri ask her if there was any place she wants to visit with her new found freedom. She mentions her father and his travels…
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Plot Summary

Where is the Visitor?
Translation―Where's the Guest?―
MangaCh. 7-8, 9 (up to page 16)
(Vol. 2)
Theme Music
OpeningUnmei no Ori
EndingKimi to Futari
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As the new semester starts, Misumi is sad that she is not in Kiri and the other's classes. During the welcome ceremony, Zagai informs the students about a trip at Mt. Kagamidake. Last spring break, Kiri recalls cutting Iwai's hair leisurely. In the ceremony, Yamane states that she will stay out Kiri and Iwai's affairs since she is not normal. Kiri tells Yamane that he does not think she is weird and remarks that Yamane knows a lot about Killing Goods. As a result, Yamane is touched by Kiri's words. Outside, Iwai struggles to shake hands with Yamane - who offered her hand first. Yamane apologizes to Iwai and explains that a different Author killed Iwai's father. Iwai grabs Yamane's hand and thanks her. Then, she answers Kiri's question about a place that her father had visited often. After Iwai has left, Yamane informs Kiri that they will encounter more Authors. Kiri vows that he will protect Iwai.

Later on, Iwai takes Kiri and his friends to a bar where her father used to take her. When Iwai asks the bar hostess (Hitomi) about the address, Hitomi replies that she is blind. As Kiri notices the piano, the piano tuner (Houichi) states that the bar hostess used to play it every night. Though, Houichi says that the bar has not attract a lot of folks. Once everyone wants to hear the bar hostess play, she plays the piano and stops before the song is finished as pointed out by Nigi. Iwai feels her body being hurt for some odd reason. Meanwhile, a man (Seigi) waits in the dark corner and leaves the bar disappointed. Kiri goes out to pursue Seigi after Kiri notices a bad vibe from him. Seigi explains that he is not interested in killing Iwai but the Authors who come after Iwai. He looks forward to deliver justice to those Authors. When the police woman (Zenigata) arrives, she explains that the man executes criminals without giving them a fair trial. She attempts to stop Seigi. The man demonstrates his Killing Good by hanging the police woman for negligent driving. Though, the rope snaps because the book works on criminals who commit a murder.

As Kiri heads back in the bar, he joins the gang in their lunch. Hitomi explains that she wants to leave people wanting to hear the whole song. When Iwai wishes to hear the song's ending, Hitomi caresses Iwai's hair and states that she cannot do that due to policy. Back at the hospital, Kozakura states how much she enjoys being strangled until she falls unconscious. After Houko asks Kozakura if she is Seigi's Instead, Kozakura replies that she has heard about the Gossip organization. Houko states that Gossip exists to observe and provide intel to Authors. Gossip does not interfere with Authors while they encourage Authors to kill the Hair Queen. Kozakura states that Seigi has baited criminals and executing them for a while. Meanwhile at the bar, Hitomi comments about Iwai while Houichi ties up a corpse. Hitomi plays a piano song for Houichi.

After the Credits

Iwai shares about a camping trip she will take with Hitomi. When Iwai mentions that she does not know if she like stars, Hitomi encourages Iwai to invite her friends to do some stargazing.

Points of Interest

  • Kiri and his group are entering their third year.
  • Garibaldi is a judge who executed 20 men before he was sentenced to death.
  • Kozakura Zenigata is a masochist who serves as the man's instead.
  • Houichi is deaf, and he is the pianist's instead since he is immune to Hitomi's songs.
  • Jouyous Symphonic Pianissimo might be the piano's name, Hitomi's nickname, or the song's name.

Killing Goods

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  • Judgment Executor Rule Book - is a situational ability of Seiga. It will only kill people who have commit a crime.
  • Piano

Manga & Anime Differences

  • In the anime, Iwai's dress is completely white.

Manga Only Scenes:

  • Naruto looks up the address on his phone before the gang spots the bar. Misumi ventures forward to the bar after Iwai's friends question Iwai on the address.
  • Kozakura enters the bar to find Seigi.
  • The bar waiter speaks in the manga.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Tatsuhiko Hikagi Original Concept He is the mangaka on Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge series.
Yuji Yamaguchi Director


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