Where I Belong

Where I Belong is an anime episode of Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero that was released on 09/07/2012
Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero
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The epic battle between Akatsuki and Phil Burnett continues. Meanwhile, Miu struggles with the notion that she's the cause of all the trouble in both worlds.
— FUNimation

Plot Summary

Phil threatens to kill Miu
Phil threatens to kill Miu

Akatsuki attacks Phil who made Miu cry, and the two clash swords. Akatsuki asks Phil where he get the armor and sword. Phil states it's the AD bands. Phil enrages Akatsuki after telling him how he break in. He asks Akatsuki if he is going to protect Miu and fight his own kind. Akatsuki replies that he will beat up guys who make girls cry. Phil intercepts Akatsuki's energy blast, and Phil fires back at Akatsuki. The two get close, and Akatsuki surprises Phil with his special ability, Renkankei-Kikou. Though, Phil finds Akatsuki's inability to use magic will lead to his downfall. Akatsuki demonstrates that he can summon energy ball, and he breaks through Phil's magic barrier. Then, Akatsuki realizes something and jumps back. Phil gets up and states he is sorry for Princess Listy. He tells Akatsuki that he demolish Leon Esperione's grave, the person that died protecting Akatsuki. Phil states that he will be a true hero after killing Akatsuki and taking Miu back to Alazzard. When Akatsuki punches Phil, Phil quickly gets to Miu and threatens to kill Miu. Akatsuki drops his sword and one AD band. Phil tells Akatsuki that he finds this world more flawed than Alazzard due to COCCOON and the terrorists. He talks about how Miu will be the next demon queen, and Akatsuki finds Phil a pathetic, jealous hero. Phil tries to stab Akatsuki whose Renkankei-Kikou protects his neck. Akatsuki unleashes a barrage of punches and knocks Phil down.

Akatsuki kisses Miu
Akatsuki kisses Miu

With Phil defeated, Akatsuki finds Miu running away towards a waterfall. Miu tells him that she has nowhere to go and that her presence will cause another war. Miu falls down to commit suicide, but Akatsuki saves her. He carries her back and yells at her for being an idiot. Miu argues if she lives, both worlds would suffer. Akatsuki tells her that she is just running away and her father's death would be vain if Miu committed suicide. He tells her that her father wished for his daughter to live in a peaceful world. He reminds her that she should believe in him and that she is not alone. When Akatsuki gets close to Miu, Mui tells him to go away. He hugs Miu and bit her ear, and he prepares to punish Miu by kissing her. He reassures Miu that she does not burden him. Suddenly, Akatsuki collaspes, and Miu sees Akatsuki suffering from a poisonous wound. Miu sucks out the poison from Akatsuki's wound.

Later, she trips Akatsuki's clothes, and she undresses herself in order to warm up Akatsuki's body. Suddenly, Akatsuki gropes Miu's buttocks where Miu moans loud. Akatsuki grabs Miu's left breast, and it turns out that Akatsuki's life was not in danger. Miu punches Akatsuki for being a pervert. Akatsuki explains that he lost consciousness in order to heal himself, and Miu yells at him for taking advantage of her. Akatsuki teases Miu a bit. Then, the two spot Phil standing over there. Phil starts to envelop himself in red aura.


  • Japanese Name: "Boku no Ibasho" (ボクの居場所)
  • Opening Theme: "Realization" by Faylan
  • Ending Theme: "Ai no Sei de Nemurenai" by Aki Misato

Characters & Voice Actors

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Rion Kujo Director
Hiroshi Tsukada Character Artist/Designer Hiroshi Tsukada is the illustrator of Hagure Yusha no Estetica characters.
Tetsuto Uesu Original Concept Tetsuto Uesu is the original creator of Hagure Yuusha no Estetica Light Novel.


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