Nisekoi #3 - What's In A Name?

is a manga book published by Shueisha that was released on 08/03/2012

Plot Summary

Viz Edition Release Date: April 30, 2013

When Chitoge transfers into Raku's class, they're forced into a false love relationship to keep the peace between their feuding gangster families. Everyone at school's fooled by their act—even Raku's crush, Onodera! Raku wants Onodera to know the truth, but he just can't seem to find a way to tell her. Meanwhile, the ever-vigilant Claude sends his protégé Tsugumi to watch over Raku and rescue Chitoge from his evil intentions. What chance does Raku stand against a highly trained assassin?!


Chapter 17: Cute.....Pg. 007

Chapter 18: Happiness.....Pg. 027

Chapter 19: Visiting the sick.....Pg. 047

Chapter 20: Dense.....Pg. 069

Chapter 21: Scar.....Pg. 089

Chapter 22: Hot spring.....Pg. 109

Chapter 23: Women's bath.....Pg. 131

Chapter 24: Luck of the draw.....Pg. 151

Chapter 16: What's in a name?.....Pg. 171


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Naoshi Komi artist, cover, writer,


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