What Has the Transfer Girl Done?

What Has the Transfer Girl Done? is an anime episode of Beelzebub that was released on 09/03/2011

St. Ishiyama Arc

What Has the Transfer Girl Done? - "Tenkō Shōjo ni Nani ga Okorimashita ka?" (転校少女に ナニが起こりましたか?)

With their expulsions officially on hold due to the negotiating that Himekawa Tatsuya succeeded with, Oga and seven of his fellow Ishiyama High classmates are given the chance to officially settle their dispute with the Six Holy Knights...through sports? Tasked with facing the Six Holy Knights in the upcoming Volleyball Match during the St. Ishiyama School Festival, Oga and crew must defeat their rivals not with their fists, but with their athletic abilities! Unfortunately, they are quite lacking when it comes to anything other than fighting, so Aoi Kunieda tries her hardest to get them to train for the match. On top of that, a "new" transfer student transfers into their class in order to help even the odds, and perhaps cause even more chaos for the Ishiyama High squad in the process!

Plot Summary

Opening Theme

"Hey!!!" by FLOW

Hilda, the new transfer student
Hilda, the new transfer student

As everyone wonders as to what sport they'll be playing at the school festival to finish their fight against the Holy 6 Knights, their teacher enters the classroom and introduces a new transfer student. To Furuichi's, Oga's and Aoi's surprise, this "student" was none other than Hilda. When told she may seat anywhere she pleases, she walks up to Abe (who was sitting in front of Oga and Beel) and demands he move. Aoi immediately protests stating that there are plenty of open seats to choose from but Hilda informs her that she must sit as closely possible to Beel. As the two exchange glares, Furuichi jumps in and expresses his disapproval of Oga's harem. He then tells everyone that Hilda is not Oga's wife but his little sister, consequently getting himself kicked out of the classroom by Oga for such a stupid declaration. As Hilda makes herself comfortable, Oga asks her why and how she got enrolled into their school. She answers that she filled out all the necessary papers, posing as his cousin who transferred from a respected private school. But, she continues, she was not the only one, for Alaindelon also transferred to their school. As Oga wonders if this "big guy" could possibly transfer as a teacher, Alaindelon appears before another classroom as a transfer student, shocking his classmates, including Kazuya and Azusa.

Just then, Hanazawa and Asuka show up and announce volleyball as the competition that's been decided for the school festival. As the news begins to sink in, they all declare their fight as volleyball. In the meantime, Miki starts to object to the idea of settling their fight in a game of volleyball, but Izuma merely tells him to relax for he's made special arrangements for them to finish things that not even the teacher's know about. Meanwhile, on the school's roof, Hilda warns Alaindelon to keeps his eyes open for a person they believe is an unrelated Demon.

Hanazawa's plan of seduction
Hanazawa's plan of seduction

In the school gym, Aoi tries to round up everyone for practice, but finds that only Oga (who's sleeping) and Furuichi showed up. With Natsume, Toujou, Himekawa and Kanzaki missing, Hanazawa proposes they bribe them with their body by flashing their breasts to motivate them to come. Nene angrily head locks her, asking why Aoi should show her assets to such ingrates. Hilda comments that they look like they're having issues to which Hanazawa rejects and jealously says that despite her large bust, Aoi has a nice slender body that shouldn't be underestimated, receiving a knock to the head by the named girl. Furuichi then raises his hand and says that he supports their sex appeal plan but only if they wear bloomers, causing him to receive deathly glares from the girls. Suddenly he gets hit full-throttle by a volleyball thrown by Hilda. She tells them that she now understands the situation and walks off saying she'll handle everything by "motivating" them.

Alaindelon presents himself as "Mister Volleyball"
Alaindelon presents himself as "Mister Volleyball"

Elsewhere, Kanzaki and Himekawa find themselves in an odd room tied up. As they remember what they were doing before they got there, Natsume tells them that they got abducted. The two ask what he's doing in just a towel to which he answers that he was taking a bath before a large man appeared and kidnapped him. Furuichi joins the conversation and says that that's nothing for he was kidnapped while he was on the toilet. After noticing a sleeping Toujou in his cute animal pajamas and an electrocuted Oga, Hilda appears before them, prompting the men to lash out at her. Once she knocked out Kanzaki, she tells them that she's merely assisting her master and uses a projector to play a message. As they watch the screen, they become shocked upon seeing the man that kidnapped them who introduces himself as "Mister Volleyball." As he plays a video of the the Holy 6 Knights practicing, they begin to understand that their opponents are a lot more skilled than they expected. However, Himekawa slightly hears their dialogue and asks "Mister Volleyball" to replay the video and increase the volume. Upon doing so, each member of the Knights are heard insulting them. Despite the fact that it was obviously dubbed over, they all start to get irritated, especially Oga and Toujou.

Is this really Himekawa?
Is this really Himekawa?

The next day at the gym, Aoi arrives speechless as she watches everyone practicing. However, things go sour as Kanzaki begins to complain about Himekawa's pompadour, stating that it gets in his way and even got stuck to the net. As the two fight, Aoi agrees and says that its not a very appropriate outfit for sports, causing Himekawa to leave the court. As he walks away from the gym, Hanazawa and Asuka approach him from behind, with hair equipment in hand, and propose they let down his hair. Despite his opposition, he returns to the gym with a new hairstyle, however everyone stares at him, wondering if this "hunk" is indeed the same Himekawa they know.

Team Ishiyama wipe the floor with the MK5
Team Ishiyama wipe the floor with the MK5

Aoi then proposes they choose a position, with the first being the libero whose main job is receiving. After confusing it with the team captain position, they start to argue over who should take it but Aoi declares that she will be the libero. Suddenly, Hilda serves a ball that knocks Furuichi unconscious and states that the position will be given to the one who can return her killer serve. Despite everyone's hesitance, Aoi jumps up to the plate and says that she will do it. However, Hilda's jump serve goes past her and drills itself into the wall, shocking Aoi. Nevertheless, she tells her to serve again and this time, rather than using her eyes to follow the ball, she closes her eyes and decides to predict where its going to shoot through sound and presence. As Hilda serves the ball with twice the force, Aoi shifts to the side and returns it albeit not without falling back. As she sits surprised that she actually did it, everyone walks past her to begin practice, with Oga telling her that he'll let her be the captain. As they prepare to start, the MK5 (along with Shimokawa) appear and challenge them to a match. However, they are instantly beaten, giving Aoi some hope that they might win against the Holy 6 Knights.

Miki striving to become stronger
Miki striving to become stronger

Elsewhere, Miki practices his techniques and trains for his rematch with Oga as he rips open the punching bag.

Ending Theme

"Nanairo Namida" by Tomato n' Pine

Points of Interests

  • Hilda and Alaindelon transfer into St. Ishiyama as students
  • Foreshadowing: Hilda senses the presence of a man in the school who has ties with demons
  • Himekawa is shown without his signature pompadour for the first time courtesy of Hanazawa and Asuka
  • Toujou, Oga, Natsume and Kanzaki are motivated to practice volleyball thanks to Hilda's dubbed over video of the Six Holy Knights insulting them

Anime and Manga Differences

This episode covers chapter 62, 63, and 64 in the manga.

  • In the manga, Hilda asked an unnamed character to move whereas in the anime, she asked Abe to moved.
  • In the manga, Toujou asks Shouji who Hilda is when she enters the classroom as a transfer student whereas in the anime he doesn't.
  • When Hanazawa told Oga and the others that they are to compete in a game of volleyball, Furuichi's and Oga's reaction to the news is not shown in the anime.
  • Miki's and izuma's conversation takes place in a private room in the anime whereas in the manga they discuss the matter in the hallway near their fellow students
  • In the manga, Kanzaki complains about being the receiver whereas in the anime he doesn't
  • Events has changed - In the manga, after Hilda tells Aoi that she will motivate them, Aoi finds the boys practicing volleyball the following day before their flashback. Compared to the anime, after Hilda tells Aoi that she will motivate them, the scene shifts to Hilda's motivation plan before the following day; Himekawa puts his hair down after defeating the MK5.
  • Even though this episode covers chapter 64 where Aoi becomes the Libero/captain. The anime did not include Miki or the others talking about how Oga's team is practicing right now.

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Miyuki Nakamura Animation Director


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